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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's not always sugar and spice

I love being a girl, usually. I love the frilly clothes, high heeled shoes and designer purses. And though I am no weakling and can do most things myself I am not above using my feminine wiles to get what I want. Though, admittedly, it was much easier to do 10 years and 80 pounds ago! But there is one thing that I hate about being a girl: lady business. There is nothing fun about an annual exam. Nuttin'! Stirrups are uncomfortable, the gowns ugly and the the snoopy looking tool they use.....yikes! Oh, and they weigh you to! Oh the injustices of it all! Yet, it is oddly comforting after not seeing my Ob/gun for almost a year. We used to spend so much time together and now, well, I kinda missed him. I think I missed what going there represented the last time: baby. Pregnancy. Yeah, that is what I missed.

So my appointment went fairly well. I talked to him about my endo symptoms and we are trying birth control again, but this time Nuva Ring. I am really bad about taking daily meds so pills were not for me. Hopefully the NR works and keeps the pain away. While he was checking out my business he said that my left side felt "full" and wants me to have an ultrasound next week. This will be bittersweet as the last time I did this was so see Maddie, not to look for a cyst. What makes it worse is that it is the drink-a-gallon-hold-your-pee one and I hate those! Especially now that they endo has taken over my bladder and I pee myself easily. Fun, fun, fun!!!

I have that done next week and then we discuss what to do if it shows something. I am not opposed to surgery as then he can attack the endo. But I would rather it be nothing. I hate jumping back on this roller coaster again, trying to stay one step ahead of a disease that is determine to annihilate my reproductive organs. But I want to protect my uterus for future bambinos so I will do what I must!

Has anyone used the Nuva Ring? Like it? Hate it? Was it pricey?


  1. Sometimes I think people forget about all the crappy lady business stuff that goes along with the diagnosis that is the cause of infertility. Being infertile is hard, but all the medical crap affecting your body makes it even harder. Praying your lady parts are healthy!

  2. Has anyone used the Nuva Ring? Like it? Hate it? Was it pricey?

    I loved the convenience and the low-maintenanceness of it. I gave it up after 5 months because it absolutely killed my sex drive (as in, I didn't want it. At all. For 5 months.) but I'm the only person I know who ever had that side effect on it, everyone else was really pleased with it.

  3. I have had tons of ultra sounds, and hated having to drink so much water and hold it. When I went to a different doctor, they said that was unnecessary and could damage my bladder if done often. The office I am at now, I don't have to worry about the drinking water before hand. If there is a cyst there, believe me it will show up without the help of a full bladder! I will be surprised if I have one ultra sound that doesn't show a cyst. I never have! I have also been recommend birth control for my problems. I would search for other options. Most people don't want to hear this, but birth control is very bad for your health, and increased risk of cancer. Women do die from using it, it is just not talked about much. For people that are fertile, it can cause abortions without them knowing it. The myth is that is stops ovulation from occurring. It does not always do that. It makes it so a conceived embryo can't survive. If life starts at conception ( Which embryo adoption wouldn't be possible if it didn't) Then taking birth control causes embryos to die. Because there is no way we could have a child, I have thought about taking it to help my problems with cysts. After reading how unhealthy it was for me, I just couldn't. If people don't believe it, look on the packet that comes with the birth control you use, it will tell you. They call it break through ovulation. I did a post on this not to long ago. Here is the link. http://countingitalljoy-jessi.blogspot.com/2011/09/subject-dear-to-my-heart.html
    Here is a youtube clip that explains it well. Please watch.

    They talk about the pill, but any kind of hormonal birth control will do this. This is not meant to offend anyone, I just find that most people have no idea about what all hormonal birth control does.

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  5. I used Nuva Ring for some time and liked it the most out of all the birth control methods I have tried. It was easy to use, didn't generally get in the way of sex (although, my libido might have gone down some) and it was great to be able to move my period around or even extend a cycle (not everyone can do it).


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