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Monday, October 10, 2011

Saying goodbye to Sadie

Photobucket My hubby and I got married over 12 years ago. Soon after we found out that we were infertile. To help fill that void we got a furbaby, a Maltese named Dudley. He quickly became my baby. A year later we got him a companion, another Maltese named Sadie. They have been wonderful pups and I have loved having them in my life. A few months ago Dudley had to be put to sleep because he had cancer. I was devastated!! I cried for days and I still tear up from time to time. Now, we are going to say goodbye to Sadie. She is not sick, we just need to rehome her. She is great with Maddie and everything, but she is becoming more work than I can keep up with. As Sadie gets older the more accidents she is having in the house. At night she sleeps with us (will cry and whine if not) and I am so exhausted I pass out so I do not hear her if she needs to go out at night. This means she is having an accident almost every night. Having a toddler running around knowing that my carpet is not sanitary is bothering me. We have had it cleaned but that is not enough for me. I have tried diapers for Sadie and they just don't work. Today Sadie pooped and I did not know it. Maddie got to it before I found it and that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Maddie has to take precedence. I have always been a firm believer that you just don't get rid of a pet because of inconvenience, and you stick it out if you can. But I can't. I just don't have the time or the energy to give Sadie the attention that she deserves. I want her to spend her last years in a loving home, being petted and spoiled. We cannot do that now. So I posted an ad on Craigslist and I think that we have found the perfect home. The woman really, really wants Sadie and emailed me twice. I hope to meet with her this week to see if this is a match. But I won't lie, this is killing me!! Sometimes doing the right thing is not easy!


  1. (((jess))) we just rehomed our dog a few weeks ago. it was just too much for us, and she was home alone a lot. and when we were home, she wasn't getting the attention we needed. we, too, found the perfect family for her on craigslist, and she is in such a better home now. it was hard--i cried for about a week...and even now, i tear up once in a while, but a huge burden of guilt and the extra energy required to take care of her has been lifted. we miss her a lot, but we don't regret it (99.9 percent of the time, anyways!) hang in there!

  2. I completely understand. We have 2 furbabies that I love very much. But there are times that it would be so much easier if we didn't have them (for instance when the older one vomitted on the carpet yesteday... or when the younger one jumps off the bed ALL NIGHT LONG and whines to get back on).
    Luckily, incontinence hasn't been much of an issue since Carder came along. But if that gets worse, we will be having to find them new homes too.
    Good luck finding a good home for Sadie.

  3. So very hard. You are giving her a great gift, though.

  4. That is hard... we had to get rid of our dog before our son came home. Our dog was OK with adults and older kids but NOT with babies. I just didn't want to leave her in a kennel all day. I cried to whole day after I dropped her off.


    I hope it is a good match... that makes it a little easier.

  5. My heart is breaking for you!!! I can't imagine. Sparty and Peanut are our lives. I'm so sorry to hear this!!!
    Sending you prayers

    LOVE YOU!!!

  6. Thinking of you and Sadie.Hope you find a good match for her.This is hard to read let alone to deal with.I agree with you.At least you are trying to find her a home and doing what you can.I wish you the best. I have many pets and they are my family. I can't imagine having to make this choice.All the best to you and Sadie.:)


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