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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baby Makers of the World, UNITE!

Was this a memo sent out recently? I swear that every fertile I knew is pregnant again. Was there a mass email to tell them all to baby dance? Or was there clomid pumped into our water system to assure that they all got pregnant about the same time? Seriously,m this is crazy! I work as a sub for an in home daycare and she told me that she will be needing me more in the months to come as she is 15 weeks pregnant. She has a 10 month old and is still nursing which may hinder some, but not the super fertiles, no! They still get pregnant easily. Must. Be. Nice!

Yes, I have a child. Yes, I am grateful and thankful for her. Yes, I realize that I am fortunate to have even one child while others still wait. Please do not misunderstand, I do get all of this. Yet, it does not change the fact that I cannot have a child whenever I want to. I want another baby. I want to give Maddie a sibling. I want IF to not hurt anymore. But what I want is not my reality. I don't wish IF on anyone. I just wish that IF did not exist so that all of us could have babies when we wanted.

So while all of the fertiles are waddling around I am imagining that they are not pregnant, just fat. It makes me smile! ;-)


  1. All the fertiles I know must have gotten that memo, too. ugh

  2. I love the "not Pregnant, just fat" comment! I'll have to use that one! HA!

  3. I like that! They are not pregnant just fat! Lol! IF really is a B! Hang in there your future FET will do it for you I'm sure!

  4. I notice this too!!! I do home daycare and wouldn't you know it right when we found out my husband was infertile, 3 of the moms got pregnant at once! We have been trying for over 4 years. 3 ladies at my church also just had babies in months of each other. They decide they want another child and then boom, next month they are pregnant. It's nice to know someone that understands, It doesn't get easier!

  5. The IF feelings don't seem to be something that ever goes away - even after my 2 boys it still rears its ugly head every once in awhile.
    Here from ICLW - best of luck to you when you start moving towards #2. I'm not sure it's any easier, but just like with #1, it's so very worth it!


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