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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Personhood Initiative....pray it doesn't pass

On November 8th Mississippi will be voting to pass the Personhood Initiative. I have blogged about this before but with the day fast approaching I want to remind everyone to be praying that this initiative does NOT pass next week. It has the potential to effect us all. How? If one state passes it then others are sure to follow. While I am fairly confident that it will not pass, you just never know.

For many, especially Christians, this sounds like a wonderful idea. And in all actuality it does have some merit. The problem is that it is too broad. It is described as a law to protect the unborn. As someone with a pro-life stance I like that part of it. What I do not like is the narrowness of the law. It makes no provisions for ectopic pregnancies or when the life of the mother is in jeopardy. Basically, if you are pregnant and going to die you will die. Period. Or travel to another state or go to an underground facility to have a possibly unsafe procedure done. So now not only will the child die but the mother will to? How is this a good thing?

This initiative will also outlaw birth control pills, IUDs and other forms of hormonal birth control. So we remove the option to be responsible and prevent a pregnancy and the ability to abort as well? While I am against abortion I wholly support a women's right and ability to prevent a pregnancy. It is the adult, responsible thing to do! Not all unwanted pregnancies are from teens or promiscuous women. Many are married but are not financially able to support another child at this time. So what are they supposed to do? Permanently remove their ability to have another child when they are ready to do so? No longer have sex with their spouse? Really??

Another huge concern of mine is what it will mean to fertility treatments. IVF will no longer exist. Neither will embryo adoption/donation. While I think that clinics could do a better job at with educating patients on their options in regards to leftover embryos and even reduce the number created, this law is not the way to do this.

There are aspects of this initiative that I could support. I do believe that life begins at conception and should be treated with respect. What I do not believe is that someone should go to prison because an embryo dies. If they were to separate the law into different ones then we could see some change. All this one does is make the entire pro-life community look like a bunch of kooks, much like Westboro "church". It hurts us as Christians, as women, as infertiles and as pro-lifers. So if you are in Mississippi VOTE! If you are not, the PRAY!

What are your thoughts on this? Where do you stand?? Please take a moment to share your thoughts!


  1. Wow such a odd law. If the pregnant woman's life is in jeopardy, she should be able to get that taken care of. The mother should live in that situation, the child is going to die anyways. I don't see how they can do this. I really doubt that will pass. I do like that they would banded abortion, there is a 2 million couple wait or more for adoption, there is no reason they have to kill the baby. Also them banding hormonal birth control is a good thing. I know most women are uneducated on what birth control really does, and most wont look into it, but if you don't want to unknowly kill your conceived child you should. I know I commented about it on your other post, not sure if you read it. Any kind of hormonal birth control kills conceived babies. If you are pro-life you can't be for hormonal birth control. There are other methods of preventing a child, that are not so harmful to women and conceived babies. Life does start at conception, or embryo donation/adoption would not be possible. Here is a post I wrote about Hormonal birth control and it's effects on women and babies, it harms and kills both.
    So for those aspects it is a good law, but they need to change A LOT of the rest of it. Not sure why it is all put together like that. It shouldn't be that way or nothing. Abortion should be banded, except when it puts the mothers life in jeopardy, and hormonal birth control, but all that other stuff is not good. I really don't see them passing that, I hope not.

  2. A must watch to learn what hormonal birth control does.


  3. Hello I am a reader of your blog, and remember you saying something about this before. They should change a lot in this bill, but I would have to say I like the part where they band birth control and abortions, except for when the mother could die of course. Both those things do cause harm to mothers and babies. I know it wont get passed though, not in this country! America doesn't seem to value human life a whole lot.

  4. Wow. Some people are really uneducated. I think that BANNING hormonal birth control is a terrible idea, millions of women deserve the choice on whether they want a baby or not. And it is ridiculous to force a woman to go through a pregnancy in the case of rape or incest. Way to kick a person while they are down Mississippi. I bet most, if not all, fertility doctors would move out of state for fear of a lawsuit, or worse, murder charges, if this passes. All in all it seems like one of the most thoughtless laws to ever have been put on the ballot. I hope it doesn't pass.

  5. Wow some people are uneducated. News flash there are other ways to prevent a baby other that hormonal birth control! There always has been. We all shouldn't be on hormonal birth control our whole life expecting to get raped. Please educate yourself on what birth control does. It can and does kill women and babies.

  6. I was speaking specifically of the use of the word 'band' multiple times when the word is 'banned' (in the past tense) or 'ban' (in the present tense). English 101. Sorry you got so confused.

  7. if u believe life begins at conception why would you support an IUD which prevents that now formed life from imlanting? As a Christian doesn't Jesus say "No greater love has a man than he lay down his life for another". Death isn't the ultimate evil. Taking the life of another human is. For the wife and mom who gets diagnosed with cancer and cannot take treatment while pregnant... abort the baby? or lay her life down as the greatest sacrifice of love like the Savior demonstrated?

  8. Ninefirefly you sais this-I think that BANNING hormonal birth control is a terrible idea, millions of women deserve the choice on whether they want a baby or not. And it is ridiculous to force a woman to go through a pregnancy in the case of rape or incest. Not sure why you think I didn't understand that? Why did you point out the word banning? My comment was to you and Jes.


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