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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today is not ":the day"

So no baby today. Probably not even this week. My BP was fantastic and I have no swelling so there is not urgency at this time. I am still 1 cm and no further progress on my own except my cervix is slightly softer, but not enough yet. He gave me the option to try inducing me again or to wait until next week. Because of the increased risk of a c-section I chose to wait. I am not happy about it, but I cannot put myself or Maddie through a long induction process and possibly a c-section jut for the sake of convenience. He was happy with my decision as well. I have another BPP and NST on Thursday and if my BP is elevated it will change everything and he will induce me then, but it is doubtful that that will be the case.

While I am so happy that everything is going well, I am incredibly frustrated!! For 4 weeks the plan was to have her this week and I have been all ready for her to arrive this week. Adding another week of bed rest is not fun!!! But I can do it for Maddie. Maybe she will just come on her own this week!!!


  1. Thinking of you & sending prayers that God will bring Maddie in His perfect time. Also wanted to let you know I'll be announcing some exciting news on my blog tonight, but wanted you to know since you're partly responsible! We've been matched with a family from Miracles Waiting for embryo adoption....I pray that soon I will be in the same position as you!!! Thank you for helping me & leading me towards that website when I first asked you about embryo adoption, I will forever be thankful!

  2. Stubborn little thing! Hope she doesn't make you wait too much longer :)

  3. I know that it is frustrating to wait... but Maddy must want to cook a little longer! It will just give you more time to freak out about having a baby! : ) he he he! : )

    I pray that this week will go SUPER fast for you!

  4. No dice? Wow. :( I was totally surprised to hear you are still pregnant. You have a few more days to just enjoy being pregnant and feeling Maddy kick and move. That's not so bad. You also have a few more days to get in some good rest. She'll be here soon enough.

  5. Oh damn! I'll tell you what, I'm sending you a virtual hug which has worked in the past to get things to move along for other cyber friends! Here it comes!!!


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