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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Any day now!

I had my 37 week appointment today and my BP was elevated again and my protein continues to climb. My OB would like to induce me now but I am not dilated at all nor I am effaced. And Maddie has yet to drop. What does all this mean? It means that an induction could take 2 days!!! And I would have an increased risk of a c-section. I have my non stress test tomorrow and if my BP is high again they may induce anyway. My doctor told me to start taking my hospital bag to my appointments because they may admit me at any time.

While I am glad that Maddie will be here soon I am not happy about the possibility of a freakin' long labor! But whatever I need to do to get Maddie here safe and sound I am willing to do. And t get off of bed rest would be heavenly!

Tonight I finished packing my hospital bag. I still need to get a pair of socks or two, but I will stop and get those on the way to the hospital. Right after I get something to eat. I hope that I can eat before they induce me! I don't want to go 2 whole days without food!! Hmm...I better ask about this one. I also got my hair cut for the big event. This momma wants to look good for the photos! A friend came and cut it at my house so I did not break any bed rest rules. Tonight I am going to give myself a pedicure. Or at least try to!! Reaching my feet is near impossible at this point. I wish that I had gotten it done before my BP went up again, but since I didn't I now have to do it myself. Once that is done I will be all ready for the hospital stay. Hopefully my next post will be with pics of Miss Maddie!


  1. So excited!!!! I'm glad you want what is best for Maddie... Speaking from experience, a C-Section is no big deal... and sounds MUCH better to me, personally, than 2 days of labor... I just don't want you to feel badly if you must have a C Section- I want the same as you- Maddie here safe and sound!!!

    Can't wait to see your princess!!!


  2. I agree... if they give you the choice between two days of labor and a Csection... Go for the Csection! ha ha! Mine were heavenly! ha ha! Have two kids and NO idea what a contraction feels like! And I really am okay with it! ha ha!

    Wow... its getting soooo close! Your baby, in your arms, in your home... It makes me tear up.. I just soooo stinkin happy for you! Absolutely cant wait to see pics!!!

  3. I had the choice since I was also in your same position. We opted for the C-section at our Dr's recommendation. She said I would most likely have a c-section anyway because my BP would probably be too high to go with a vag. delivery all the way through! I SO know how you feel. HUGS!

  4. I'm really excited for you and saying a prayer right now for a safe delivery. Yay!

  5. Oh, I am so excited the time is almost here. Though I have never had a c-section, I tell you I'd do it in a second to bring a life into this world! Hang in there & I'll be praying!!! YAY!!

  6. Wow!! The excitement!!! Can't wait to hear about the Maddy-delivery!!! Thinking of you!! Fran

  7. Good luck at your appointment today! Can't wait to see the new baby girl. :)


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