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Monday, August 9, 2010

Chillin' with Chubbies

Today I had my NST and on the way I had to drop off my pee jug. Have you ever carried around a bright orange pee jug? It is kind of humbling! Why must they make it bright orange? Seriously, folks! Can't we try to be a little less conspicuous? After I dropped that off I went to the local hospital for my twice weekly NST. I chose Mondays and Thursdays because I was told that they are less busy. I think someone lied to me! Usually I hate sitting in this waiting room because I feel like an impostor. Yes, I am 9 months pregnant. But I am a squishy girl and when I sit down I lose my baby bump. The fat cells morph into a very unattractive B shaped belly. But today I was in the company of fellow fatties and I was the one that looked pregnant and they did not! I stood a few times to rub my tummy and show off a bit. Made me proud! And when I sat down I made sure that my top bloused out to make me look bigger than I am. The other chubbies wore fitted tops so when they sat down their belly disappeared. Novices!

The tests went great and Maddie was actually cooperative. This was unexpected! She usually makes me stay there for over an hour which I do not mind as it is one of my only outings. But today she was quick to move around and we got out of there after about 30 minutes. Hopefully this Wednesday I will know when I will be induced. I am ready to meet my Maddie!


  1. Your title was hilarious! I had no idea what I was about to read! I am so glad that your Maddie was cooperative. Induction date? Wow! KUP!!

  2. Soooo exciting!! Gonna be sooooon! YAY!

  3. You crack me up. I giggled through this post. You should show all those other gals how to work those bellies.

    I can't wait for you to find out when your baby girl's birthday is going to be. Its so exciting. :)


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