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Monday, August 16, 2010

If one more person....

If one more person tells me that Maddie will "come when she is ready" or that I need to "be patient" and I will "have the rest of my life with her" I am going to freaking scream! Yes, I am a first time mom. Yes, I want to meet my little one. Yes, I am uncomfortable and feel like an huge beached whale. But that has absolutely nothing to do with my impatience right now. I have been on bed rest for a month and I hate it! But even that is not enough for me to want her to come early. I have mild preeclampsia. I have heard of pre-e and I knew that it was potentially dangerous. What I didn't know was that mild pre-e can drive you loony! I have a list of things (headache, seeing spots, sudden swelling, etc) that I have to watch for and any of them could indicate a serious situation. What makes it even worse is that I have been having migraines and they mimic pre-e headaches. It can be a bit nerve racking. Pre-e is a very serious condition that can change almost instantly. And now that my blood pressure is running a bit higher I am even more at risk. THIS is why I want Maddie to arrive. Sitting here hoping and praying that my body does not cause my baby harm is not a fun place to be. My OB is fantastic and watching me carefully. He is trying to keep both of safe as well as try to avoid a c-section if at all possible. He wants Maddie to stay where she is as long as it is healthy for her and me. So wanting Maddie to arrive is not just a matter of convenience, but a health issue. And if one more person acts like I am just impatient you may see me on the nightly news, whooping someone's hiney!!!


  1. I hear ya! I was right there with you, except for that I wasn't on bed rest, but I was swollen, HUGE and VERY sick of being pregnant and I wasn't even 40 weeks yet. Everybody at work had to comment on how they were shocked I hadn't gone into labor and people even asked if I was having twins and one lady even asked if I had triplets a day before I had my second son. He was 11 lbs and 7 oz and I was totally done. That is truly the worst part of pregnancy-- everybody's anticipation for the baby to arrive.

  2. Thinking of you & so excited for you to meet Maddie soon! Praying you both continue to stay healthy & she soon makes her entrance into the world:)

  3. Hey...I think it is ME that is impatient!!!!! I have checked your blog all weekend and all day today just to see if there was a quick post saying things got moving and you were heading back to the hospital! I am only 6 months and I want my baby out and I am not a FTM....I mean come on....we just want our babies safe and on the outside right? Isn't that the goal? I mean who really wants to be pregnant indefinitely? Not Me! I completely understand your anxiety about the unpredictability of pre-E....so glad your Dr. is watching you closely and I anxiously await with you the arrival of miss Maddie!

  4. hee-hee-hee! I remember those days! ALL of my kiddos were late and I was growing quite impatient too! I am thinking of you!!! : )

  5. "if one more person acts like I am just impatient you may see me on the nightly news, whooping someone's hiney!!!"

    Just. Relax. She'll come when she is ready. KIDDING!!!! LOL!!!

    Even though I am not prego, I totally "get" where you are right now. I had a very well meaning woman tell me, AFTER I filled her in on my journey including the 2 failed FET cycles that if I just "be patient and relax" it will happen for me. AHHHHHH!!! WOMAN, I have NO EGGS in my ovaries!!! Weren't you listening to ANYTHING just said!!! I NEEED medical intervention. Period! All of the relaxing and patience in the world WILL NOT make me miraculously produce EGGS!!!

    Let's go, Miss Maddie!!!

  6. I get it ;) No need to explain.


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