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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

yeah, I'm sexy!

So today I had another OB appointment. My BP has been fantastic so I went in thinking that he would lift some of my restrictions. How wrong I was! My BP is still great for which I am thankful, but my protein keeps climbing. Not much, but enough to signal that something could go wrong. So I had more blood work today, another 24 hour urine test next Monday and twice weekly biophysical profiles/non-stress tests at the local perinatal unit. Oh, and bed rest continues, but with less activity than before. The good news is that he is still planning on inducing at 38 weeks (less than 2 weeks from now) unless things get worse. He is not anticipating any further complications, but anything can happen. I was hoping that Miss Maddie would make her appearance before then, but she is quite content where she is right now. I am not dilated. At all. Nor am I thinning nor is she dropping. Nothing at all! I am thinking of painting a big EXIT sign in my underwear to help her find her way out!! As of right now she seems to think that my belly button is the exit door.

Now here is where I get whiny! Bed rest sucks! My back is killing me. My nursery is not completed. My fridge is almost empty. I have nothing to watch or read. I. Am. Bored! My brother is bringing the necessary tools over to finish the nursery. My hubby is feeding me. My sister and my mom will be doing some grocery shopping. And my grandmother came over and cleaned my kitchen. All while I sit here and watch. I am not a watcher. I am a doer. This is not fun! And to top it off I am constipated. Locked up tighter than Fort Knox! Do you know miserable that is??? Because of this I can't get comfortable and my clothes all feel too tight. And this heat!!! It was 100 today with a heat index over 110. Just lovely! So I am hanging out in a white tank top that barely covers my belly. No bra so you can see my ginormous National Geographic looking nipples through the fabric. And white boxer shorts. Yeah, I know, real sexy! I look like a giant marshmallow! How my hubby keeps his hands off of me I will never know!!!! ;-)


  1. Oh Jess, just think it's only two more weeks of boredom and then you won't have a minute to be bored! Be strong!

  2. Im so sorry that you have stricter bed rest and that it is so miserable right now!! I really am... but that mental pic.. you have a way with words!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    Just think... OMW.. less than two weeks!!! Youll be free to roam and be up ALL hrs of the day! =)I so cant wait to see pics of Maddie!

  3. You make me laugh so hard! Just remember these days because they'll be over SOON! Hope you feel better quickly!


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