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Thursday, August 5, 2010

This just made my day!!!

Last night I had a headache and followed my doctor's orders of taking two Tylenol and rested. After 2 hours it did not go away so I called the exchange and my OB told me to take a Darvocet and if that did not get rid of it I had to go to L&D. I really resisted going as I was fairly certain that it was just a migraine but was was afraid that if it was from pre-e that I would never forgive myself for ignoring it. So at 10 pm we headed out to L&D. Thankfully everything was fine and I was right, it was just a migraine. I have suffered from migraines since I was a teenager but I have not had one since I entered the 2nd trimester and I forgot how bad they are! I woke up this morning with it still there, though not as bad as last night.

Today I had to go for a biophysical profile and non-stress test. After last night I was so not in the mood to go, but went because I will do anything for little Maddie. They did an ultrasound first and I didn't even care to watch as she never cooperates. Usually we just get to see her spine. Stubborn little snot! I mentioned to the tech that I have yet to really get to see Maddie because she is so stubborn so the tech tried to get a good look at her. And what was Maddie doing? She was covering her face with her hand. She even went so far as to wave at me while still covering her face. Like I said, stubborn! A few minutes later she let us peek at her and the tech got us a great shot of her face. I just stared at it in awe. This was my little girl!!

I brought the photo home to hubby and he just held it and cried. It was truly amazing to get to see her, not just random features that all babies share. This just made my day!!! Here she is:



  1. It's a baby! I'm usually one who just nods and smiles when someone shows me their u/s picture because I can't figure out what I'm looking at. This is a great shot though. Congratulations!


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