Our journey through infertility, failed adoptions and now parenthood through the miracle of embryo adoption/donation.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ICLW week!

Hello ladies! It is once again ICLW. If you are not familiar with it just click the link above for more info. Basically it is a time for fellow IF bloggers to unite, regardless of where they are at in their journey.

A little about me:

*I have been married for 12 years (this summer) and it took us 11 years to finally conceive.

*Both my hubby and I have infertility issues, all pretty bad ones too. (azoospermia, endo, blocked tube and mild PCOS)

*After 2 failed adoptions and 4 unsuccessful IUIs we moved onto embryo adoption. I am now currently 21 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.

*Though I am now on the "other side" I still suffer from infertility. It has shaped who I am and I will never truly be "over it".

And some other non-infertility facts:

*I am obsessed with purses!!! Love me some Coach and Dooney. Dream of one day owning a Jimmy Choo, Prada and a Birkin bag.

*I am a chubby chick. Fat and sassy would describe me!

*Finding bargains and sales are a bit of an addiction for me. A poor person's version of crack!

*I have two doggies and one kitty cat and all of them rule the roost.

Reading over this I sound kind of shallow! LOL Really, I am not. Well, not very shallow, just a little bit. Stick around and you will see that at times I can be quite deep and philosophical. But more often than not I just talk about me. Because I can. =D


  1. We can all sound a bit shallow from just a few facts! But you're not shallow. All dog people are wonderfully perceptive.

  2. I agree that infetility "never" goes away, but shapes us into who we are. You're doing so great cook'n that baby girl! Very excited for you!

  3. IF becomes a very thick layer in our lives, doesn't it? Congrats on the little one and good luck with the coming months while waiting for her to arrive!

    Happy ICLW!

  4. LOL! It's your blog, you can talk about yourself if you want to!

    Congrats on your baby girl!


  5. Congrats on the little one! You're going to love having a little girl. Great blog, can't wait to read more. I'm your newest follower from IComLeavWe.



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