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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby loves church

You always hear of babies having their days and nights mixed up. I fear that Maddie will be one of those. Rarely do I feel her moving around during the day, but each evening I can count on her to start her acrobatic routine. It seems like 7 pm is her favorite time of the day. I just felt her do a somersault and she is just getting started! And when we are in church...Oh my! Once the preacher starts preaching she starts a movin'! I think that we have a little charismatic baby on our hands! Someone at church told me that all of her kids recognized our pastor's voice once they were born. I thought that was neat and think that Maddie will be the same way. I think it quite appropriate as not only is my hubby a minister and church will be a big part of her life, but our pastor has been extremely supportive. Even taking time out of his busy schedule to pray with us right before our FET.

So I am off to Wednesday evening service and preparing her for to start groovin'!

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  1. Sooooo fun to feel them move around like that in your! Just awesome!


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