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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Holy Hooters, Batman!

That is what hubby said to me yesterday. Here is this white, squishy body with two ginormous headlights that are now 5 shades darker than normal. There is nothing pink or rosy about them anymore. They are dark brown and I must say, not very attractive. Though I don't care what color they are never all that pretty. And while on the subject, why can't they perk up during pregnancy?? They are slightly larger but still saggy. How fair is that?? I was really hoping to have some big ole bazoombas with this pregnancy but no, not me. Yes, I am a size D and those of you with perky little A's or B's may feel a bit of jealousy reading that I have D's, but with these D's comes belly rolls, cellulite and stretch marks. Big boobs are not helpful when the rest of your body is big too. If my boobs would just stick out more than my belly then I would look more proportioned, maybe slimmer. Or maybe I am living in a fantasy world.


  1. I know this sounds weird, but mine were too perky before pregnancy. I like the way they "hang" so much better now than they did before. They look like boobs and not cupcakes now. lol

  2. Was a DD-I'm an E NOW! LOL I was standing next to my hubby looking in the mirror last night and I SAID "holy crap, why didn't you tell me my nipples wer SO HUGE?" it is bizarre!

  3. LOL- you girls make me laugh so hard! Sorry, I'm a perky, teeny-tiny, A girl myself! =)

  4. Chelle, I don't know you, but oh my word...laughing so hard over here!!!


  5. Don't worry about the bazoongas. They will get there. I was a D pre-pg, then up to a G! HOLY MOTHER!

    And don't worry...when you're belly finally gets bigger than your boobies...it's a great feeling. Finally made me feel "pregnant." For once something OTHER than my boobs was blocking the view of my feet.

    And yes the darkened stuff....CREEP.ME.OUT. But from what I read (and experienced) they do this so the baby can find them since they can't really see much other than black and white at first. Once they are a monthish old, they go back to their normal pinkyness! :-)


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