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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Belly, where art thou?

I know, I know. You are all tired of hearing the chubby chick whine and complain about my "B" belly. But unless you are chubby you don't judge me!!! For you skinnies let me try to explain just what a "B" belly is. When you are, ahem, overweight, you might carry your weight in the belly region. Some women have a rounded belly shaped like the letter "D". Others have a big indent in the middle, resulting in a "B" shape. The bigger you get, the worse the B gets. And mine happens to be extra flabby because of a laparotomy (c-section surgery without the baby). The baby is starting to move up and the indent is beginning to fill in. Maybe I should invent some kind of putty for B belly indents!!! Until then I have to disguise my B by wearing the right clothing. I can't wait to for it to fill in and round out. Though I have heard that the bottom flabby part stay flabby. Now doesn't that just bite?!?!?!


  1. LOL! It does bite... I had the same until around 28-30 weeks and then WHOA HUGE D belly! It will come! =) Enjoy every minute of not have to cover it! ha ha!

  2. Hooping you get your D soon! On the other hand, a not-chubby-but-not-stick-creature friend who is pregnant is also frustrated she doesn't have a big tummy at 35 weeks! Her bump seems to be really long and doesn't stick out much, so some people haven't even realise she'd pregnant - and she's due in 5 weeks and already on maternity leave. So it might not just be because of chub!

  3. Hi! Found your blog on ICWL, and so glad I did!

    First, love the belly humor. I've never heard it described that way but must confess I have a bit of a B myself. Hope you get your D very soon :0

    Second, I've been thinking about embryo adoption, but I've wondered "what that would look like" to myself, family and friends, so thanks for sharing your experience. I think I could actually get excited about welcoming a baby this way.


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