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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ordered my diaper bag!

I am a sucker for designer hand bags. My dream is to own a Prada, a Jimmy Choo and a Birkin bag. Love them all!!! Right now I have to settle for carrying a Coach and a Dooney, but that is okay, I love them too. For years I have dreamt of my diaper bag. I used to want a Fleurville and I still like them. But a few years ago I discovered Timi & Leslie. And I began to covet. They are all so pretty and shiny!!! I want one in every color! So once I saw two pink lines I began searching for the perfect diaper bag.

Today I found it!!! Once I clicked on the image the heavenly choir began to sing. This was THE ONE! And what makes it better is that is one SALE. The original price was ....gulp.....$400. Way out of my price range. But this one was on sale for $107! PLUS I had saved up some Amazon gift cards (thanks Swagbucks!) so I got it for about half that price. So awesome!!!! And I know that you are all wanting to see it, so without further delay..........



  1. I like it - What a "fashionable" mommy you'll be carrying it around! :)

  2. You are too funny, Jess. Its very shiny and pretty. I love red.

  3. It must have been THE ONE if it was on sale- what a great deal! It's very chic!

  4. Oooh that is AWESOME! Great bag! Love it! And awesome price!


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