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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feeling Great!

Monday marks 8 weeks and so far, so good. I feel great! I know that it is early and that could change, but I have decided to enjoy it while it lasts. I had my first appointment with my regular OB on Thursday. It was surreal to be there for pregnancy and not a yearly exam or follow-up from surgery. The staff was so excited to learn that I was pregnant and all offered their congratulations. The doctor walked in and shook my hand and told me that was thrilled to see my name on the list of patients and the reason that I was there. I have been with this doctor for 5 years and they have seen me go through so much. I loved being able to share this moment with all of them.

My appointment went well. Because I had already been seen by my RE this was supposed to be an informational appointment. But on Wednesday I had had some spotting and once I told him he did an ultrasound immediately. He wanted to check for any bleeds near the baby and the sac, but there was none, PTL! It did my heart good to see my little bambino again. He is growing and has a strong heartbeat. I have another exam with ultrasound on Feb. 11th. My doctor realizes how difficult it has been for us to get here and understands my anxiety about miscarrying and told me that if I really feel the need to, to call and they will fit me in for another ultrasound any time. I thought that was incredibly kind of him!! I am going to try and wait till my scheduled appointment though. Also, on Feb. 16th I will be getting a 4D ultrasound and I am super excited about that one!!

I am really anxious to learn the sex of this little one. I have a bedding set already picked out for a boy and if that is what we are having I want to buy it in case it is discontinued. We have already decided on names as well. Though I am anxious to know the sex, I don't want to rush this pregnancy either. I don't know if I will ever have this opportunity again and I want to relish each and every moment. I am also trying to learn to rest in Him and leave all of my anxiety and fears and His feet, though that is much easier said than done.


  1. Delighted all is going well and that you have a great OB to turn to if you feel anxious. Fran

  2. I'm glad your appointment went well; it's so great to have a doctor that understands and does what he can to ease your mind. I can't wait to find out what you're having also! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  3. Love the news!!!! :) So glad to hear about your doctor & his understandng too. :)

    I also resonate with enjoying the moment, because you don't know if you'll have this opportunity again. I think that's such a great perspective!! I did this with our first adoption too, and thinking that way really helped me appreciate details. :)


  4. Glad its all going well! Enjoy!

  5. are you going to do an intelligender? It was right for us, at ten weeks! I hope you do :)

  6. Bre, I don't know if we will do the intelligender test. I would have to wait until the 14th week to do (I am on progesterone) and it is not as accurate if you PCOS (which one dr says I do). I might consider it, but not sure yet.


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