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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holy Heparin, Batman!!!

I have to take heparin injections each day. Right now it is for the first trimester but may be for the entire pregnancy. They are done with a small insulin needle which does not hurt in itself. But the heparin has a tendency to sting. Not every time, but about every 2 out of 3 injections hurt. And if I do it in the wrong spot (not sure what constitutes a "wrong" spot except for the pain) it really stings as well as bruises and even leaves a knot under the skin. Right now I have two knots and several purple bruises. At least the purple is pretty to look at. The rest of my stomach is a putrid shade of green and yellow. Very sexy!

There is an upside to this though. I look and feel pregnant, at least in the midsection. Well, being that I am chubby I always look about 6 months pg, but now it has rounded out. It also hurts to bend or reach my feet. I wish that this was from actual fetal growth not heparin swelling. Maybe I should start wearing maternity and let people assume that I am due soon! ;-)

I have my ultrasound tomorrow and I am very excited. While there I will be asking the nurse for some tips on how to give these injections with less discomfort. If I remember to ask. I may be too excited from the ultrasound to even think about it!


  1. LMBO about the sexy comment! That was funny!

    Cant wait to know about your US!

  2. I read somewhere that you are supposed to give them above your hips- I've been doing them since before the transfer- not fun, but well worth it.

    Good luck tomorrow- please post asap!!!


  3. Can't wait til your u/s today! OUCH on the shots-never had to do heparin. Praying it gets better for you!

  4. Ask for Lovenox. It is just a once a day dose, and YES, that makes a difference! :)

    I did all of my Lovenox shots in my stomach and went in a line across so I was never doing the same place twice.


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