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Monday, January 25, 2010

food swings

We have all heard of MOOD swings, probably experienced them a time or two. But I am having FOOD swings! One minute I am craving a piece of cake. mmm.....cake! Before I can satisfy that craving I get distracted my pickles. Before I finish one I am wanting a grilled cheese. I went grocery shopping today to get some veggies and healthy cereal. I ended up buying that and more. But I didn't buy cake!! So now I am sitting here craving a piece of cake.

My doctor told me to maintain my weight (stupid skinny doctor!!!). So I am trying to eat somewhat healthy. I don't care for chocolate so that is a help.But I like cake! I used to never like cake but now I love it! On Saturday I made cupcakes for junior church. Throughout the day I ate one. Okay two. Okay, okay! I confess! It was three. Don't judge me!!! Then on Sunday I had one of the leftover ones during church. Then I had one on the way home. I went to my mom's house to dispose of the rest of them so that wouldn't eat them all. Well, all but one of them. I took one home with me and saved it for dessert. Way to maintain my weight!!!

If anyone mentions a food I want it! I hate commercials now. I sit here and salivate over the food. I am such an addict! The first few weeks I had no appetite. If only I could go back to those days. Now I think that I am going to go eat a pickle. And some CAKE!


  1. Food Swings? Thats a new one for me. Don't you know that going to the grocery store hungry is dangerous?

    Have you tried those 100 calorie cake thingys? Or are those things worse. I'm just trying to help, but maybe I'm just making it worse. Hang in there Jess.

  2. Hahaha, food swings. Urban dictionary that one for me, 'cuz I love it...


  3. Better not start watching the Food Network, LOL! You're so funny! (I'm the same way and I'm NOT pregnant!!)

  4. That is so funny..."food swings." Looks like you have had quite the journey. I pray that this pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible!

    Thanks for the love and support you gave me on my BFP announcement! It is so wonderful to have such an amazing group of women to share this journey with!

  5. HAHAHA! Food swings! That is great. If I could ship a cake to you, I would!


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