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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am crazy high!

Okay, not me, per se, but my numbers!!! I had another BETA yesterday to make sure that my HCG numbers were doubling. They needed to be at least 160,000. The nurse said that she didn't have them in front of her but that they were "crazy high" and well over 200, 000. WOOT! And to be on the safe side I have to go in next Monday for another ultrasound. A part of me is super excited to see my little bean again, maybe this time with some definition. But I really wish that this was not necessary. Hopefully after this appointment I can relax and just be a "normal" patient.

An update on my forum friend from a previous post:

Great News! :-) I got to come home...I'm now resting comfortably on my couch with my two loving little poodles. Ok now for baby news: There is still no fluid around baby but that was expected..I go back in a week for another ultrasound and we'll see where we stand as far as fluid goes. As for now baby is still growing and heartbeat is strong!

I am so glad that the baby is hanging on! I have wondered how the baby could survive without fluid, as I am sure many of you have wondered as well. Really, I don't know. Another forum friend found this article and though it does not explain any of it, it surely does give you hope that this little one can make it. Here is a link to the article: http://www.birthstories.com/stories/complicated-pregnancy/no-amniotic-fluid-after-12-weeks-i-survived-6835/ It really is an amazing story!!

Well, that is all for now! I will update again once I learn more!


  1. I think the idea is that the baby will hopefully replenish it's amniotic fluid supply. That's why when you're further along, they start looking at how much fluid there is. It is a way to check baby's kidney function.

    I could be wrong, but I think that's probably it.

  2. I'm so glad your BETA numbers continue to increase-Praising God with you! :)

  3. Whooo Hooo about your numbers! Wonderful! Im so happy for you! What wonderful news! And SUPER happy that Cheryl and her baby or okay! Praying so hard for them!! What she has been through! WOW!

  4. Fantastic numbers! Really hoping it will all go well for your friend. Love, Fran


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