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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tentatively taking that first step!

Well, it is official. We are actively looking for embryos again!! We won't really be ready until Spring of 2012 (unless the money lands in our lap....will provide my address if anyone has a few extra bucks laying around) but we are looking into clinic programs starting this week. I am excited to be taking this first step. I want to jump ahead and plan out every last detail but when I do that my hopes are dashed when everything doesn't work out the way I planned. So we will take it one step at a time and allow God to direct us. We are open to finding embryos on our own and using a local clinic (there are 2 available if we go this route) or we will find a clinic with a program already in place. There is a local clinic that may be an answer to that prayer and I will call them tomorrow to find out for certain. If not we may be traveling to CA or FL.

This makes me nervous! And excited!! And a bunch of different emotions. I do like to at least be "doing" something even if it is just researching options. And praying for His direction and leading to the embryos He has for us.


  1. I know a great doctor in CA with a donor embryo program!

  2. I also know a great clinic in Northern CA with a program. It is a bit different than when we did it 18 months ago, but still very good, and with very high success rates and a moneyback program.

    Here is a link to their website:

  3. Yay! Can't wait to follow this part of your journey!

  4. WOW! How exciting, even if it is just the beginning! : )

  5. I was surprised to see Oa.kbr.ook Fertility (Chicago) on a website that listed immediate embryos available because they are associated with my current clinic, and I have been on their wait list since last November. We haven't checked out any other programs yet, but we plan to as soon as I get my courage up. Good luck to you!


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