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Sunday, August 7, 2011

cycle of names

YEars, and years, and years ago, when hubby and I first got engaged (and we were young and naive...aka before infertility), we talked about our future kiddos. You know, the ones you "plan" on having? The ones you will conceive on the first month of trying. Yeah, those. We talked about how many we would have, how many years apart they would be, and what names we liked. I always liked less popular names but nothing made up or with wonky spelling. I never wanted to be trendy and have my child have the same name as 4 other kids in her class. But I also didn't want people to have to ask how to pronounce their names either. So we chose a few: Abigail Renee, Madison Grace and Braedon Taylor being amongst our favorites. When we chose these names we had never met another Madison or Braedon so that was great. Fast forward a bagillion years and now these two are on the top 10 list of names as is Abigail. Well, crap!!! We loved our names!! We had dropped Abigail after our little one that we tried to adopt was names Abigail Renee, but we still loved Braedon and Madison. But now they were trendy. Then I decided, who cares?!?! I chose them first and I loved them. So what if they will be one of many, they are still awesome names. And as the rate we are going the name Braedon may be out of date before we ever get to use it!!

Because of the possibility of twin with an FET we always try to have 2 boy names and 2 girl names chosen. And since we hope to try again soon we began talking names again. Choosing names gives us hope. Hope that we will one day have children to use those names. Maybe not 4 more children, but one or two would be amazing!! So here are our other names. I think that they are pretty awesome even if trendy.

Braedon Taylor
Liam Reed
(Bryce Desmond is in the running too, but we are leaning towards Liam)

Olivia (not sure of the middle name. I kinda like Reese though)
Elaina (again, no middle name yet)
We would call them Livvie and Lainey. Cute, huh??

If we have boy/girl twins it will be Braedon and Olivia. Now if we could only have some babies to go with these names!!! If not, I better start getting some puppies to name! Cause I am gonna use them!

Have you chosen names? Does it give you hope? Or just make it harder for you? Have your choices changed over the years of waiting?


  1. Our favorite boy name has swiftly become one of the most popular boy names in the U.S., and like you, we were really bummed about this. If God gives us a little boy, though, we're still going to use it because it is the only name we both love.

  2. The first girl name we picked out was Maddie, after watching Lonesome Dove. When it finally came time for us to decide on a girl name, we decided it was too popular so we started over. We have our boy named picked out but haven't really started talking seriously about another girl name. I love Liam, by the way!

  3. Over the years we have fallen in love with several names and friends/relatives who had children before us have used them. I've got to admit I love the name Grace but, feel because someone else close has used it for her daughter it's off limits. It might have to be a middle name. I feel having names in our back pockets provides hope and keep us dreaming for what the future has in store for us and the baby out there that was meant for us. :)

  4. I've had the name Jeremiah Shawn for over three years. Right after we started our DIA process I heard the name Jeremiah in my dreams one night. Shawn is my hubby's middle name.

  5. I have an Olivia and we call her Livvy :) LOVE that name! Her middle name is Morgan after the little girl I nannied for.

  6. Kinda scrolling your posts and had to reply to this one...

    I absolutely love Liam and Olivia is one of my favorites too... my mom's name is Melayne and people have called her Lanie .. I think you got some great names on your list :)

    The girls names we had picked out ... Kearstyn Marie, Meghan McKenna, Lilleigh Bella, & Ayerlyn Raeyne

    We ended up with: Calahan Joseph, Noah Alexander, Nathan Patrick and Kaedyn Phillip Russell ...

    But I have a lonnnnnnng list of names I love. I can always use them though, because I write :)

    Happy ICLW from #86 :D


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