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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who are theses people?

Right now I think that I would have to answer YES!!! You know, I read these mommy blogs where these women are SAHM with 6 kids, clip coupons, keep their house spotless, sew their children clothing, decorate like out of a magazine, host parties, and cook gourmet meals. Who are theses people???? I look around my house that looks like a tornado just came through it and I envy their organization and character. I have my 1 year old daughter and my 2 year old niece today. They are trashing my house!!! Granted, it started out halfway there, but still. I have dishes in the sink, the carpet needs vacuumed, lunch needs to be made, half of the laundry is folded, Maddie has finally been dresses but now her shirt is stained, and I need to put some make up on. All of this and I am in the middle of making the decorations for Maddie's birthday party on Friday. I still not to shop for that too. And all I want to do is turn on some music, grab a book and soak in the tub. I want to fold my arms, nod my head and viola! The house is clean. I need a maid. And a cook. And maybe a personal shopper.

I want to be the women I read about. I would love perfection. But it ain't gonna happen!! So instead I will enjoy my crazy life, listening to sounds of my daughter's laughter. And assume that those with "perfect lives" must live in Stepford.


  1. I truly wonder how those moms do it too. I am always so exhausted by the end of the day, especially a day I work. It is all about doing one thing at a time.

    Happy ICLW #23

  2. You are more normal than you think....I am a full time working mom and let me tell you...by Friday my house is a disaster and we are hoping and praying there is a clean outfit somewhere for everyone until the laundry train starts. I am happy to get one room done at a time...but very rarely is the whole house clean (cuz seriously...I pay $2k amonth for child care...I can't afford a maid)....and then...if my husband and I do get crazy and do a whole house clean...all it takes is one meal and one kid up from a nap to undo it all!!!! Believe me...you won't look back and regret not cleaning your house...but you will regret not just spending time with your daughter while she is young so that you can tend to mundane chores. I'm sure it is perfectily livable...just lived in. Do what you can do...and enjoy these times...they go too fast.


  3. Perfection is a tough goal. I struggle with that all the time. I think you're probably doing well. My mother always said she'd rather play and love us in a messy house than have us be clean freaks who doubted our mother's affection. Enjoy your kids. Unless your house looks like it should be on Hoarders, youre probably OK.

  4. Can I add "home school" to the how do they do it list?
    There are many women at my church that homeschool (Including my one friend who just had her sixth child.)
    I really have no idea how they do it!


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