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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No MRSA!!!

Maddie had her follow up appointment today and the the results of the culture came back fine. No MRSA!!! And her ears look fabulous! Completely clear, no fluid at all. While there we had her see the audiologist for a hearing assessment. Maddie is not much of a "talker". She says dadada but that is about it. She also makes the M sound but not much else. She is a bit behind (not much though) and I wanted to rule out hearing loss. She passed the test with flying colors. The doctor thinks that the previous fluid in her ears would have prohibited her from hearing as well as she could have and slowed her down some. Now that her ears are clear she should start picking up more words and sounds. So all in all a great visit!! Thank you all so much for the prayers!!

And as for me and the mono, I am doing pretty good. I only felt bad the first few days and except for the horrendous sore throat I have felt fine. No fatigue or anything which is why the doctor was fairly certain I did not have mono. I am very thankful that I am not experiencing the fatigue as Maddie is now getting her 1 year molars (oy vay!!) and is not sleeping well at all. Hubby has been traveling so I am not getting much rest at all. If I felt awful right now with this lack of sleep I would lose my mind. Hopefully I don't get any of that extreme tiredness and fatigue either.

Now, I must go to bed! Night all!

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