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Thursday, August 4, 2011

FInding an ED program is harder than I thought!

So I began calling clinics today. The one near me does not have an ED program. Actually, no one the entire state claims to have one. Most of the clinics listed on the embryoadoption.org site does not include an ED program on their websites. I could call them (and I will) but it would be much easier if they listed it on their site. I have contacted 2 clinics and am waiting for further information. It looks like we will have to travel for baby #2. It would have been easier to stay close to home, but that is okay. During this bit of research I am quite surprised at how much the costs of the FET varies. So far the range is $1500-$9800. This is for clinic programs, not EA with home studies.

For those of you that did ED (anonymous donation at a clinic) where did you go? What was your wait time? How much was the FET and other related costs (not including meds)? If you do not want to post it publicly please feel free to email me at agreateryesblog@gmail.com. Or if you have a few extra embryos sleeping in your freezer I will be more than happy to give them a home. ;-)


  1. Congrats on beginning the journey towards TTC baby #2. We were matched through Miracles Waiting and had my monitoring appointments at our local clinic and then flew to the donor embryo families state (Delaware) for the transfer at their clinic. All in all with the attorney fees, medications, appointments and the FET our costs were around $6,000.

  2. We are going through our fertility clinic close to our home. They are located in Grand Rapids, MI and they are an outstanding clinic. The clinics name is The Fertility Clinic.

    The total cost for everything is around $6,000 (I can't remember the breakdown of what cost what etc.). Our wait time to be matched was 1 month. They say more like 3 months. But usually the wait is never that long. And of couse it is an Embryo donation so it is completly annonymous.

  3. I've noticed in my search for Fertility clinics that offer ED they don't mention it if at all on their site here in the Pacific Northwest. I had to call around, luckily my local clinic worked with the clinic we are using and they had a ED program. We've been waiting 8 months thus far and the guestimate for costs will be around $7,000.00 in the Seattle area. I'm so excited for the three of you and your plans to add another child to your family, so exciting!

  4. Jess if there is one near tulsa you can stay with us :)

  5. I posted our CA clinic in a previous comment....it is the same one we went through...but their program has changed recently. They have a set cost but if you fall into a certain category it covers up to 3 transfers (I think) and you can get a money back guarantee if no pregnancy occurs. It was not like that when we did it. When we did it, it was a little more simple and out total cost (with meds) was around $6500. Good luck. I know you really wanted anonymous, but maybe miracles waiting and using your own clinic might be a route to consider.


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