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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Surgery it is, then

Last Wednesday Maddie was diagnosed with her 10th ear infection (her 3rd since getting tubes, the first that we took her back to the ENT for). The ENT suctioned her ears out (horrible experience for both of us!) and sent the fluid to be cultured, hoping to find a specific bacteria to treat. Then on Friday she had a fever of 101.8 and had had diarrhea for 3 days so I took her to her pediatrician. While there the doctor checked her ears and they both looked great. I continued her ear drops until Monday night and then today she had her follow up at the ENT. I mentioned that on Friday her ears looked great and he was glad to hear it. He then asked how she was acting/feeling. I told him great but last night she was restless and then woke up at 2 am and stayed up until almost 6 am. We are all exhausted!!! I jokingly said "I hope it wasn't because her ears hurt." Ha Ha Ha. Wouldn't you know it, one ear had fluid again!!! We were both shocked!! The ENT admitted to being perplexed but her infections since there is no obvious cause. I really appreciated his honesty.

We discussed our options and he is fairly certain that the actual tubes are harboring bacteria (which is sadly quite common) and once replaced it should reduce, if not eliminate, her ear infections drastically. Also, he will remove her adenoids. There is no guarantee that this will work but we feel it is the best option at this time. I have spoken to other moms that have dealt with similar issues with their little ones and most of them had great success with removing the adenoids. We are praying that this is the answer for her chronic infections. I am not sure of the date for her surgery yet but once I do I will post it. Prayers are appreciated!!!


  1. I can't imagine how hard this is. Praying for you both.

  2. Poor little thing! I can't imagine how hard this all must be. Here's hoping this surgery will clear this all up. My hubby had to have 3 sets of tubes his ears were so bad when he was little. Some kids are just prone to bad ear infections. I'm sorry you are going thru this. I hope Maddie keeps feeling better and the surgery does the trick!
    All my best!

  3. Hope this will fix the problem for good!

  4. I follow your ear updates closely because our Genna just got tubes and has been doing well...but I have had to pull out the drops a couple times because I think new infections are starting.

    But...regarding Maddie specifically...I really hope this gives some relief. And....I hear the younger they are when they remove tonsils/adenoids the better...recovery is easier and they don't remember a thing. I know several children who have had this procedure and it really has made a world of difference. I pray the same will go for Maddie.


  5. I'm not a mom, but since they're in there, and since she's so little still, why don't they take out her tonsils, too? I had ALL of what Maddie's going through when I was young (I honestly don't remember a time when I WASN'T on antibiotics). I got my first set of tubes when I was 8. I was supposed to have my tonsils and adenoids out at that time, but I cried to my dad and he said I didn't have to do it right before I went into the OR. And for the next 17 years I was miserable. My ears got better, but I continued snoring and having case after case of strep. So, 4 days after our wedding, when I was almost 26, I had them removed (I had 7 cases of strep the school year prior to that). It was pure hell, and I regretted not getting them out when I was younger. I could have had almost two decades feeling SO much better than I did.

    Prayers for ALL of you as you make the best decision you can for Maddie. And happy birthday to her, too! :)

  6. MarcieMoo, I am not positive, but I believe that a child has to be at least 2 years old before they will remove the tonsils. I can't remember why that is, but I came across that info somewhere. If they could I would certainly just have them take them out while they were at it.

  7. Praying with you that the surgery fixes the problem.

  8. our son got ear tubes at 18 months. the surgery lasted about 15 minutes! the hardest part is waking up from the anesthesia. as far as we know, 18 months later, he still has them. it was such a blessing surgery!


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