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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Misadventures in Maternity

Right now I am in that in between stage of pregnancy. Not quite showing but pooching out and my clothing is getting tight. Yesterday I decided to wear a maternity skirt. I went to the mall with my sister. She wanted to get my niece's ear's pierced and somehow I was the big, bad meanie that had to hold her during the tortuous event. Though as much as I hated it she sure does look cute!!! Once that was finished my sister went to pay and I went out to the main mall area, holding my niece and feeding her a bottle. While holding her 17 pound chubby self I felt something....odd. Because I am chubby I wear a pair of shorts made out of slip material to reduce friction from my thighs rubbing together. Because of this I can't always tell when my skirt shifts or slips. The next thing I know my skirt is around my knees. And my hands are full. And I am standing there bearing my bum to the whole mall. I shift the baby to one arm and with the other hand grab my skirt, frantically trying to pull it up while waddling into the store to hide from prying eyes. I yell for my sister to take the baby and she is laughing so hard she can barely take her. Finally I get it pulled up and with my head down, shame coloring my face, I hurry out of the mall. I can never show my face there again! Well, maybe I can since I doubt that it was my face that they would remember!!! ;-)


  1. Oh NO!! That's terrible! Did anyone start singing "skirt on the ground, skirt on the ground...."??? =)

  2. No, but someone that knows about the incident did post a link to the "Pants on the ground" song on my Facebook wall!!! LOL

  3. That is too funny!!! I am impressed with your willingness to share!!!


  4. Hahahaha!! Love it!! :)


  5. Sounds as though you handled it much better than I would have. My goodness! I would have died of embarrassment.

    Congrats on the pregnancy!

  6. OH MY WORD!!! That made me LAUGH so HARD!!! Thanks for being a bright spot in my (and maybe a few mall-goers') day!!


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