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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello Second Trimester! Nice to meet you!

Today officially starts my second trimester!!! **happy dance** I am so excited for many reasons. First, the risk of miscarriage is reduced. Gotta love that! And second, NO MORE MEDS!!!! I began to wean myself last week and an completely finished. I am so excited you would think that it was Christmas!

I spoke to my doctor last week about feeling blue. He told me that the stress of getting pregnant and staying pregnant has probably caused part of it, but mostly from the PIO shots. I forgot that the progesterone suppositories do not cause many side effects. So when I began the PIO (which does cause side effects) I really felt it. Now that it is out of my system I am doing much better now. While at the appointment last Thursday I got to see the little peanut again. The doctor wanted to make sure that quitting the PIO shots did not cause any problems with the little one and thankfully all was well. He was a movin' and a groovin'! The doctor even asked if I had just eaten. I hadn't so he is just active.

I go in tomorrow for the 12 week testing and scan. This tests for Down's and Trisomy 18 and not sure what else. My doctor orders the test as a standard practice. We were considering not doing it but decided to go ahead and have the testing done. The results will not make a difference in whether we carry the baby to term as I would never abort. EVER! But if there is a major genetic issue I think that I would rather know. Down's doesn't scare me as I have heard that there is a large margin of error in that test. But the other ones, I would like to know. Especially if, God forbid, the baby will not make it after birth. It will change how I prepare for him. I could not handle having a nursery ready to go only to have my baby not come home with me. I know that this may sound morbid, but when you have been trying for so long and so many things have gone wrong it is difficult not to think the worst. We are praying that all is well tomorrow though and ask that you join us in that prayer.

Another thing about the scan tomorrow.....we get a 4D ultrasound! I can't wait to see him/her. I am really hoping that we might get an idea of gender. I know that it is not definitive this early, but if there are boy parts we may be able to tell now. I will post pics tomorrow!!!


  1. How exciting! I didn't have any of that testing done. I think I am going to get a 4-D though! Hugs and welcome to the 2nd tri babe!

  2. YAY! Congrats on no more meds! I was so excited last time too, and the second trimester is such a great milestone. Glad to hear you are feeling better and that's so great that you get the 4D u/s!

  3. Another milestone another day closer to meeting the little one. Congratulations!

  4. Exciting!!!!! Looking forward to tomorrow's post! :)


  5. Yay!! Second Trimester! Sooo glad you are done with all those meds! Nice to know they affected your moods too. Not that that was fun at all but I always feel like what is wrong with me and then that time comes and Im like Ooooh Okay! :D So excited that you might be able to know the gender soon!!!! And awesome about your 4D!!! Happy 2nd Trimester!! Soooo exciting!


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