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Friday, February 5, 2010

It's a conspiracy, I tell ya!

The Hershey Company is out to get me. I don't know why they have it out for me, but they do. I am a chubby chick and I love me some chocolate! Since I got pregnant I have really not had an affinity for the sugary sweet goodness though. Which is good cause my doc told me to "maintain you weight". That is the last time I go to a skinny doc! The chubby ones feel too guilty over their self indulgence to reprimand me!

So anyway, I was pleased that I did not like chocolate and have avoided it for the past 8 weeks. I was feeling quite proud that though I have not lost weight I have also not gained any either. **pats self on back** But just when I feel my head expand with pride I pass my Kryptonite. Cadbury Mini Eggs. **cue the heavenly choir** Walking through Target I saw the purple bag. It beckoned to me. I didn't even see it coming, my hand just reached out and the bag floated to me. And I ate one. Or two. Okay, half the bag. And I liked them. Oh, who am I kidding. I loved them!!!

I was surprised that they were even out in stores yet. They are Easter candy and usually come out after Valentine's Day. But this year Hershey decided to bring them out early. Why??? Was it just to torment me?? My poor baby will have to go into chocolate detox after he is born!!!


  1. This post cracks me up! One of my best friends had a Mini Egg addiction. Seriously, she ate something like 27 bags one year! Enjoy them!

  2. I am a self professed Cadbury ADDICT! And I have passed them up in the store, no chocolate STILL looks good to me & that's fine for now! I'm sure in the last months it will come back with a VENGENCE! Eat em' up girl-you're pregnant! FOR ONCE, we have an excuse!

  3. aww it will be okay. My doc looked at me and laughed when i went in after christmas, because i gained so much that month, but after that I have only gained 3lbs which is pretty good. Its hard not to stress over, but I am determined to enjoy! You should as well!

  4. Oh good stuff!! Somedays its just tooo hard to resist that delicious stuff!! I had to detox mine off tacos once out of the womb! ha ha!


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