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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

another day, another drug

I was supposed to call my OB today for my test results from the hoo0ha swab. No need, they called me. I have a bacterial infection. The nurse said "good call" as we caught it very, very early. At least this super sonic sniffer is good for something!!! Thankfully that is all I have right now, a slight odor. I am very thankful not to have any itching or burning with it and hopefully I won't have any of that since I am being treated so quickly.

So we have added 2 antibiotics to my daily dose of meds. Bleh! The Bactrim is a horse pill and I gag each time I take it. The good thing is that I will be ending most of my other meds this week and will only have the new ones to take. I can't wait for the day when I am pill free!!!

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  1. What a good sniffer you have! :) So glad you're near the end of your meds! I know you're excited!


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