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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!!

The town that I live in is within a very large county. The county is so spread apart that different areas feel like entirely different worlds. The northern part (where I live) borders a big city and is the perfect suburb. It is a nice middle class neighborhood with a few scary places (apartment complex and mobile home court) in the older part of town. If you go 15 min south of my town you enter redneck-ville. It is one of the meth capitals in the US as is the next county over. Lovely. The further south you go, the worse it gets. Thirty minutes south you will see a broken down, rusted car without wheels outside of a trailer with wheels intact. A few broken windows and 12 dogs roaming around. Down south there are not many hospitals so anyone in that area comes up near my area for care.

Yesterday my hubby and I were sitting in the waiting room at the perinatal unit. It was a little crowded but not too bad. Finally a few people were called back and we settled in for our 1 hour wait. In comes in a woman. This is were it gets interesting. She had to lived in the southern area I described. She must have!!! As soon as she sign in she gets a phone call. Now most people would answer and either speak quietly and cut it short or step out into the hall. Oh, no! Not her! She is loud and is on there for about 15 minutes. It is about 11 am at this time and she says to the person that called "What are you doing up this early?". Eleven am is early?? Maybe to someone that works 2nd or 3rd shift, but the caller did not. I know. I heard the whole convo, remember. I also learned the following tidbits:

Her boyfriend is a jerk.
Her friend (that she was on the phone with) does crack, but that does not mean that she does crack.
She was on Haldol (an antiphsychotic) but had a bad reaction.
Her mom is a witch (cleaned up for you all :wink: ).
She did not have money for gas and her loser boyfriend wouldn't give her any money.
Her boyfriend is in trouble with work and may lose his job, which she finds funny.
Both she and her friend are on Medicaid.
Her mom thinks that she does crack and other drugs.

My hubby texted a message to me that said "Jerry! Jerry!". I totally cracked up and the lady had the nerve to glare at me, like I was interrupting her conversation. I was never so glad to have her called back for her test!!!


  1. ok, sorry... I don't understand the "Jerry" referance.

  2. Oh wait- Jerry Springer!!!! Duh!!!!!! LOL

  3. Is sure takes all kinds! ha ha!

  4. Jess-thank you SOOO much for your comment on my blog. I feel so much better about the clots now. I agree though, threatened abortion is a HORRIBLE name for it!

    Your story about the girl in the waiting room is AWESOME!!!!!


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