Our journey through infertility, failed adoptions and now parenthood through the miracle of embryo adoption/donation.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bitten by the Baby Bug!

Sunday night we were watching Arm.y Wives. I lurve that show!! Seriously, it is awesome! On the show a couple that had suffered SI for over 18 years had a baby girl. This season the baby is a few months old, younger than our Maddie. While watching it hubby commented about how cute the baby was and how small she was. Later I heard him ask Maddie is she wanted a baby brother. How cute is that?? He has officially bitten by the baby bug. I was bitten on the way home from the hospital after delivering Maddie, but hubby has been content with the three of us. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it being the three of us and if God wants it to remain this way I will be content. It won't be easy as I want more children, but I can be very happy as a family of three.

I am so happy that hubby is wanting another baby. He has wanted a baby since we were first married, but he never had the burning desire that I have had. Having Maddie showed him what we were missing and he wants that. He wants a big family. And not just big people in the family, but a lot of people in the family. Thought I should clarify. ;-)

While we are both on the same page about being ready for another one, we are definitely not ready financially. It angers me that it is just a matter of a few thousand dollars standing between me and another baby. But then I remind myself that it is all in His timing and His timing was perfect for Maddie and it will be again if we are to have another one. Now to learn how to trust and rest. Not easy! Not easy at all!


  1. That is so cute. I don't think my husband has ever said anything like that within ear shot of me.

    Timing really can be so frustrating. Not only that, but wondering if it will ever happen again. I pray that you will add to your family in the near future.

  2. Oh, I have so been bitten by the baby bug!! Hubby and I have talked about embryo adoption.....I think I have to try! :) I hope things work out quickly for you!


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