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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Whoever coined the phrase...

"Slept like a baby" obviously did not have a baby!!! Because I have been sleeping like Maddie and that is not much at all! I am not complaining as I am just so thankful to have a baby to keep me awake, but it does make it difficult to blog much right now. Maddie had an ear infection and during that time we (i.e. she) developed some not so good habits. She now wants to be held constantly, even when she is sleeping. She also does not sleep well. She takes 20 minutes naps and sleeps for about 4-6 hours at night. "They" say that you cannot spoil a baby this young, but "they" are morons!! My baby is most definitely spoiled right now!

I have a ring sling and an ergo and I try to wear her so as to free up my hands and arms, but that is not good enough right now. She wants to just be held. We are working on getting her to sleep without me holding her and playing on her own for short periods of time, but it is slow going. She was so good at it before, but one ear infection ruined it all.

Until I can un-spoil my daughter I may not be around as much. I will try to catch up with all of you soon!

Don't forget to keep baby Cami in your prayers! She really, really needs our prayers this week. And I still am looking for someone to make a button for her blog is anyone can help.


  1. I agree 100%...call it what you want, but babies CAN be spoiled, pretty much from birth. Good luck getting her back on track...I know it's hard!

  2. Wish I could help with the button but I am not very bloggy savvy!!!
    Good Luck!


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