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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yes, I am Pro-Life

I am a member of Baby Center and they have a Debate forum on there. Why I frequent it I will never know! The majority of the debates involve abortion is some form. Sadly, the majority of the members are pro-choice. Yes, I said sadly. It saddens me that so many people do not value human life. The debate today was about legal vs. illegal abortions and how making them illegal will not stop them so therefore it is foolish to make them illegal. My thoughts on this? Legality does not equal morality. By this standard of thinking then pedophilia and rape should be made legal as well, since it is going to happen anyway. Shouldn't they then provide education and condoms for rapists so that they do not pass along diseases? Or teah pedophiles how not to hurt a child when molesting them? Sound stupid? I think so too! Just because something is going to happen anyway does not mean that we should make it safer for those making that choice.

Now, I am not naive and realize that abortion is not a black and white issue nor does it come with easy solutions. I also realize that it will never be illegal in our country again. However, I do think that there are ways to reduce the rate of abortions. I also think that they should be allowed when the mother's life is in danger. At that time it is no longer a choice, but a life saving measure. Could I personally abort my own child even in the face of possible death? I doubt it. But then again, I have never been faced with that situation either.

One thing that our country lacks is education. Yes, there are sex education programs and there are abstinence programs, but too often they are not taught together. Young people especially need to be taught to respect themselves enough to wait. And if they are not going to, to be able to practice safe sex. Too often our "education" programs act as though a teenager is unable to abstain. Why is that? We are not animals. We do not need sex to survive and we especially do not need to have sex at 14 years old. Yet TV, radio and peers tell us that virginity is "weird" or "odd". Abstinence are often not much better, just the opposite side of the coin.

I also think that before a woman can have an abortion she should have to undergo 3rd party counseling by an organization that is not pro-life nor pro-choice. Someone that will give them all of their options: abortion, parenting, and adoption. Too often women feel scared and trapped and make a decision based upon those fears. Maybe if they had all of the facts and knew their options they would be less likely to have an abortion.

Since embarking upon embryo adoption I see life very differently. I have always been pro-life, but not until I saw the first cells that created my little Maddie did I fully realize just how precious and miraculous life really is and that it should be valued.


  1. Wow! I totally agree 100% you go girl! ;)

  2. I agree completely. A life is a life as soon as sperm and egg meet. Great post!

  3. Jess - thanks for posting this and I totally agree. I haven't read your blog in a while....well I haven't read an EA blogs as of late. ;-) Your Maddie is just so sweet and precious. Congrats! Sheila

  4. I am pro-choice, but it's not because I don't value human life. I just don't believe that it is anybody's right to tell a woman what she can and cannot do for her body. Personally I would never abort my child, but I really can't make that decision for another person. I also totally agree with you that the media makes being a virgin totally outcasting like if you don't lose it at 10 there is something wrong with you. That totally needs to change!

  5. well said and to the age old pro-abortion reasoning. "I don't believe in telling a woman what she can and can't do with her body" Then why have any laws? We have to have insurance and wear seat belts and drive certain speed limits and wear clothes in public. These all tell what we must/do as women if we want to go into society.

    Jess, you are right on in your post! Life begins at conception in a lab or in the woman. Once the cells begin to develop it isn't an embryo to me, it is a human life, a baby, needing to continue to grow for 8.5 months in the womb of a mother. Let those women who want an abortion, hear their baby's heartbeat and see an u/s before they have an abortion. That would definitely change some minds.


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