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Friday, January 7, 2011

New year, new goals

I don't know why I insist upon setting myself up for failure, but I I do. I make resolutions. Every year. And I fail. Every year. This year is no different. I will be making a few resolutions and maybe, just maybe, I will keep one or two. Maybe. And they all center around one theme: babies/fertility.

First and foremost I want to lose weight. So that I am healthier when we ttc again. I also want to be healthier for Maddie. I don't want to to be the fat mom at the park, too big to get up and push her on the swing. I lost 30 lbs during pregnancy but I think that they have creeped back on. Okay, maybe not creeped. They piled on en masse while I was shoving cookies, fudge and pie into my face during the holidays. My doctor would like for me to be down an additional 40 lbs before I get pregnant again. So now I need to find out how many pounds I put on the past four months and add them to that 40 for a grand total and go from there. Next Monday I will return to the gym. If I can remember where it is.....

My next resolution is to get out of debt and save, save, save. We are bad at saving. Very bad! But this year we will do better. Why? Because of two reasons: to pay for another FET and to buy a house. See, babies again! One of our money saving goals is to quit eating out. This will help us in the weight loss endeavor. Well, it would if I quit making those cookies, fudge and pies!!

And last, but not least, is to get organized. I hate to throw anything away. I always think "I might want that when we buy a house." But will I? Really? I doubt it. But keeping crap is being frugal, right? Or am I just justifying my hoarding tendencies?

So starting next week I am joining a few friends in a weight loss challenge. I will blog about it on my other blog, Chubby Chick Chronicles: Living Life in the Fat Lane. You probably didn't even know I had that blog, did you? Most likely from my lack of posting there. And my lack of motivation in weight loss. But I will start it up again next week. Feel free to join me there!


  1. You can do it!!!! Will be so fun to do that challenge together!

  2. First of all, I love the new look!! where did you get it?

    Good luck on the weight loss. I lost 20+ pounds after having V. It was challenging but worth it. Now that I have miscarried again, I am off my diet and shoveling food back into my face. UGG.

  3. I find that resolutions dont work for me either. Instead, I've opted to change my life and the way I think about food, etc. It's really helping me. I've lost almost 40lbs in a little over 3 months. It's empowering. In February, I plan to make my weightloss blog public, but right now, it is still just for me.

  4. ITS SO HARD! I am still up 23 pounds since I had Blakely. I have worked IT on the treadmill for an entire week straight now! YOU CAN DO IT!

  5. I am right there with ya, snow sitsta! I have struggled with my weight since the third grade. I loss a bunch of weight a few years ago and, thanks to the drugs and stress eating. A lot of it is back. Hoping to have a healthy pregnancy and then focus like a champ! Weight Watchers works for me but I have to go to meetings. I need the accountability to get the results.

  6. Good luck with the resolutions! I think the important part about the diet is finding tasty substitutions for for the sweets. I like to think that I limit my sweet intake to one day a weekend, but I always fail miserably at that. The thing I have found to work best for me is "out of sight, out of mind." If you don't want to chuck the candy, hide it away to avoid temptation.

    You can totally do this!


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