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Sunday, January 2, 2011

babies are like puppies

Years ago, after we learned of our infertility, we decided to get a puppy to help fill the void. We got our furbaby, Dudley, in 1999 and he was the cutest little guy. A year or so later we got Sadie and now we have a cat, Winston, as well. I love my furbabies! Though they are getting old and cantankerous now. My years of being a furmommy has helped prepare me to be a baby mommy. You know, they are quite similar! And since I was a furmommy for so long I call Maddie's teethers "chew toys" and have found myself patting her on the head telling her she is a "good girl" and when she bites me "no bite". I won't get worried though till I find myself putting her in the kennel or letting her out to go pee. ;-)

It is funny how similar the two species are. Both chew on everything. Both pee on the carpet. And Maddie even shakes her leg when you scratch near her neck! They all four sleep with us and watch us eat. It is a veritable zoo around here! I just wish that getting a baby was as easy as getting a puppy!!

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  1. It is so true. They go through the same developmental stages too. I read a book called "The A.rt of Rai.sing a Puppy" back in 2005 just before I brought home my second Border Collie puppy. I think you could read it and apply all of the same principals to raising a baby. lol


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