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Saturday, June 12, 2010

things I will miss

I have my niece over the weekend. She is 8 months old and on the move!! And she is teething. How a child can go from a sweet, angelic angel to the spawn of Satan in 10 seconds flat is beyond me!!!! But ever with her Jekyl and Hyde bipolar personality she is a doll and I enjoy having her here. BUT, this has given me an insight on motherhood and I must admit that there are some things that I am going to miss once Maddie is here.

Here are a few:

* Long, hot showers.
* Going potty alone.
* A clean, toy free floor.
* Sleeping in.
* Leaving stuff on the floor (bag of items, my laptop, etc)
* Television without singing and animated characters.
* Making dinner with 2 hands.
* Making a quick trip, well, anywhere.

Things that I look forward to:

* Smell of a baby after a bath.
* Baby kisses and cuddles.
* Itty bitty laundry.
* Hearing her first words.
* Teaching her to walk.
* Her smiles.
* Showing her the world.
* Seeing hubby play with her.

All in all I think that it will be a good trade!


  1. I haven't had ANY on that 1st list in over 15 years! You know what?? You won't miss any of it truly! You will know that the day you have that list back, they will be grown and gone : (

    Enjoy your NEW list! It beats anything on the 1st list!

    Oh BTW, I was in the car by MYSELF today, but 1 was 1/2 to my appt before I realized that the Cedarmont Kids CD was singing Bible songs in my ear!!! EEK!

    Great post!

  2. I have this one kids CD that the kids love memorized so much that I can sing the next song before it starts playing! ha ha!

    Cant wait for you to experience all that Second List! =) It is truly wonderful!

  3. I must agree that reading your 'things I'll miss' I thought what am I trying to do here, I love all those things, there's still time for me, I;m not pregnant. Then I read the 'things you look forward to' and realise why we are saving like made to get to the USA to use these precious 10 embryos that someone has kindly donated to US.
    **Great post**

  4. I also dreaded giving up those things before my daughter was born. But honestly, I didn't think about them after she was here. It was like they were a thing of the past and I just plain didn't care. She is worth giving up all of that. Plus, the list of things you look forward to far outweighs all of the things that will be left behind.


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