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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I feel HUGE-er

Being a chubby chick has actually been a good thing during this pregnancy. While skinny chicks worry about stretch marks, weight gain and lamenting that they can no longer see their feet or their hoo-ha, life has gone on as normal for me. I have had stretch marks for years. Weight gain?? What's a few more?? And I haven't seen my feet or my ho-ha without the aid of a mirror in forever. Yep! Life is normal! But now I am starting to feel bigger, though I haven't gained any weight this whole time. There is a difference between 10 lbs of fat cells spread across your body and 10 lbs of baby stuff centrally located right in the middle of you. I think this kid is gonna be a heifer like her momma!!!

To top it all off I am swollen! And yes, chubby people swell. Though most people can't tell it, I can feel it. The swelling I don't care for! Mainly because I have always been proud of my skinny chick calves and ankles. A friend of mine once told me that from the knees down I was pretty HOT! LOL!! No cankles for this big momma! Until now. Now I can tell that they are swollen, though they are still proportionately smaller than the rest of me so it's all good!

Even with all of that I still feel pretty good. Which I am thankful for. Many women get snarky with me when they ask how I feel and I answer "Great!" and mean it. But hey, it took me 11 years, many shots, surgeries, money and heartache to get pregnant. All they had to do was have a little fun. I think that I have earned an easy pregnancy, thank you very much! In fact, I think that there should be some rule that all women that suffer infertility should automatically get an easy pregnancy if they conceive.


  1. Oh how I wish your wish about women suffering from infertility get an easy pregnancy! Nope...not working yet. I hated being prego with IVF baby number 1...he was breech and I felt as if my right rib cage was being cracked open slowly for the last 3 months. I started swelling up like a balloon at about 20 weeks, had heartburn so bad I thought I was having a heart attack and my tail bone felt as if it could snap off at any time. Literally...the only thing I liked was the roundness of my belly (cuz really...it was an awesome belly...I managed to escape the stretch marks amazingly)...and feeling him move...oh what a wonderful feeling. I swore I would NEVER do that again..yet here I am 18 weeks prego with #2 (through embryo adoption) and hating it even MORE. This baby has made me sicker...the heartburn started immediately and I am ALREADY swelling. Plus...I still have 20lbs left from baby number one so I am trying so hard not to gain weight and failing miserably! Oh well...soooo worth it though. I can't wait for you to know what it feels like to hold a baby that is actually yours. I held other people's babies for 40 years with a longing in my heart. To hold your own is really the BEST feeling in the world. Not too long now and you will KNOW...you will KNOW what it feels like to hold a baby as a mother vs the aunti or the friend or the godmother. Oh so wonderful and oh so different. Yay!

    Oh...and I love how you talk about your fluff! You go girl...embrace the you that is you and love every moment of it!


  2. I never had an easy pregnancy either. I was/am like you... a fat chick that got pregnant. I for the most part looked normal until I hit my 3rd trimester then bring on the swelling and the popping belly. My ankles were cankles and my feet the size of footballs. Just be careful you don't get pre-e. Hugs and CONGRATS!!

    ICLW #23

  3. I'm praying for an easy pregnancy but I am high risk and already have doctor's appointments lined up and contingency plans in place....

    Hope the next 10 weeks go smoothly for you!


  4. Ah, an easy pregnancy! I agree, it should be mandated to get an easy one if you have to go through torture to get there. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

  5. Ahhh the swelling! So fun! ha ha! Good for you for having an easy pregnancy! That is awesome!! Praying for a VERY smooth rest of your time!

  6. You have definitely earned an easy pregnancy. Hope it continues to be that way for you.

    Wow - you're getting so close now :)

  7. Stopping by from ICLW...
    Congrats on the pregnancy and I am glad that you are feeling so well! I agree - women who go through IF should be entitled to easy pregnancies.
    We considered embryo adoption but are now trying the traditional adoption route.

    Have a great day!

  8. oh yes, the swelling. I remember that so well. I am so glad that everything is going smoothly for you. I am still so excited to follow you until you are holding that little one!!

  9. You make me laugh about the cankles!

    Even when I was skinny like 69 kilos/152lbs at 170cms tall I had cankles, now that I am 95 kilos/209 lbs, they are still there of course but they look normal for a fat lady. LOL

    I'm glad that you are feeling great and you are having a smooth pregnancy.


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