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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life is Crazy Busy!!

I can't believe how busy I have been this week!! I signed up for ICLW thinking that I would have plenty of time to participate, but unfortunately that is not the case. We are leaving to go visit family tomorrow and to escape this oppressive heat. Last night I went to see Beauty and the Beast at an outdoor theater and at 10pm it was still 86 with a heat index of 95 degrees!!! Seriously hot!!! This heat is making me swell and my toes look like snausages. We are going to PA where is a lot cooler and I can't wait!

I saw my OB yesterday to make sure that all was well and that I was able to travel. He gave me the green light and we leave in the morning. This 10 hour trip will be at least 12 hours with potty stops. Maybe I should invest in adult diapers!!! Or one that that astronaut stalker woman wore. Worked for her!!!

For all of my new followers, thank you!! I look forward to reading your blogs and getting to know all of you!! It may be next week before I can, but I will, I promise!


  1. Have a great trip and enjoy relaxing!

  2. "We are going to PA where is a lot cooler and I can't wait!" Really??? Not to burst your bubble, but I live in PA and I just walked on my back deck and came right back in because the heat and humidity made me feel sick.

    But it might be better than where you are. SORRY! I truly hope your trip is relaxing. Maybe, depending upon where your relatives live, we could meet up some day! I'd love to meet another snowflake mama and baby! I live in Lancaster, an hour away from Philly.

    Sorry to hear that your toes look like snausages. The Lupron is doing the same thing to me and I am not even prego, if it makes you feel any better!

    Thinking of you!

  3. Here in the midwest it is in the upper 90s with ahead index of 105+. The 80s in PA sounds greets to me!!! And we are going to Pittsburgh. I hope to come to the Lancaster area sometime and would love to meet you. One of my forum friends is a snowflake mommy as well and lives near Lancaster.

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time and Im jealous of weather in the 80's! ha ha! It is HOT here! PTL for a pool! even if it is the community one! ha ha!

  5. Funny your going to PA for heat reduction when its been in the 90's there LOL, I read someone else blog who lives there and she is complaining about the heat too. Sorry to disappoint ..... maybe its still cooler than where you are?? Good luck on your trip and I say a big NO to the 'adult diapers' :O


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