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Saturday, June 26, 2010

All that's missing is a freakin' pear tree!

(to the tune of Partridge in a Pear Tree....everybody now!)

6 loud adults
4 barking dogs
3 obnoxious teens
2 scaredy cats
And a parrot that likes to sing and mimic me!

We are in in PA visiting family and this is a list of all that is staying in the house. Together. All of us! And let me tell you, it is an experience!!! Let me tell you a bit of how my trip is going. And we just got here 36 hours ago...

Cast of Characters:
SIL, owns house, in her 50's
MIL, nearing 80, has beginning stages of dementia, Alzheimer's and bit of just don't wanna listen to anybody
R, SIL's 34 yr old daughter (lost her job and now lives here)
C, R's fiancee
N and A, R's kids (we are here for N's graduation)
J, young man that lives with us that came along for the ride
Duke and Drama, R's 2 pit bull dogs that think that they are lap dogs
Dudley and Sadie, our 2 Maltese dogs which really are lap dogs but think that they are Rottweilers.
Louie and Katie, SIL's 2 cats
Lilly, MIL's bird, a parrot

So wrap your mind around all that!!! Oh, and of course myself and hubby must be included in that menagerie. R and C sleep in the attic-converted-apartment, A and N have the 2 upstairs bedrooms and SIL is staying with N for the time that we are here. MIL has her room on the main floor which was built especially for her, J sleeps on the sofa in the living room and hubby and I are in SIL's room which happens to be the dining room-converted-bedroom-that doesn't have a door and is right off of the kitchen. Yeah, fun!

So here are a few excerpts of things that I hear, most while trying to sleep, which I have yet to successfully do since we arrived.

SIL: SHUT UP!!! (to the big dogs at 6 am)
R: Dude, get your nose out his crotch
Hubby: Mom! Don't put cookies down your shirt. We already told you once!
MIL: What did she say? What did she say? What did she say?
Hubby: Dudley, quit eating the cat's food.
R: Drama, don't eat Sadie. She not a chew toy.
Lilly: Go Lilly! It's your birthday. Go Lilly!
Everyone: Shut up, Lilly!!!

The dogs don't like each other and though none are aggressive they are annoying. And that bird!! She tries her darnedest to be louder than everyone else. If you laugh, she laughs louder. If she hears music she sings.....loudly. My dogs bark when someone opens the front door, which happens often in a house with a hundred people. Dudley's digestive system did not appreciate the cat food and he got poop all over his but. I spent 20 minutes this morning cleaning him, the sidewalk and the porch off. Everyone here are night owls so while I am trying to sleep at 1 am they are all laughing and talking and opening the fridge, turning on the kitchen light. Did I mention that I am in the dining room with no door?? And all of this is with me being gone yesterday for 9 hours! Imagine had I stayed here all day. I may have run away from home!!!!

So if you are bored this weekend and need some entertainment, let me know! I can hook you up!


  1. I have 3 maltese, and I couldn't even imagine the gong show it would be there with 2 big dogs as well as the cats, oh god and the bird! LOL! You are a trouper! Have fun!

  2. Oh my!! i definitely would have looked for an alternative arrangement!! Fair play to you for putting up with such a .... can't find the word! Fran

  3. Holy cow!!! Now THAT is an adventure!! Praying you survive! ha ha!

  4. Whoa- good luck with all that!!

  5. Wow, you're much more patient than I would be. I usually opt to stay at a hotel if I can.

    Like the new look of your blog!

  6. Jess, You are brave and will NEED a vacation after this!! Hang in there!

  7. Ha ha ha ha!!! Thanks for the laugh!! Love the picture you painted. SO glad I'm not there to share it with you! :)


  8. Holy crap girl. I would be going nuts. I totally feel for you. Its only for a few days, right? Just keep telling yourself that. You are really going to appreciate being back home.

    Hang in there, and try not to hurt anyone. ;)

  9. That does sound like quite the cast of characters! Hope you are able to hang in there without going too crazy.


  10. Wow, sounds like my family at Christmas! Only the grandparents banned everyone from bringing their dogs to the house...too much chaos!


  11. Hilarious!!! I want the bird!

  12. Oh. My. Goodness! That is quite the party! :) I hope you survive! :) Good luck!!

  13. Oh my! I can't even imagine...I think I'd be going batty or checking into a motel lol It is fun when big families get together, but it's just as fun when it's finally done.



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