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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thyroid, Vitamin D and IF

I had my appointment last week with my endocrinologist and got a call yesterday about my results. I don't have any actual numbers yet (they will be mailed to me this week) but the nurse said thy my thyroid function is "normal". Once I receive the actual numbers I will check online to see if they are "optimal" for pregnancy and not just "normal". She did increase my Synthroid from 75 to 88mcg to "level me off". I am not exactly sure what that means, but okay.

I asked the doctor about ttc and if there is anything that I should do differently. She said that as long as my T3 and T4 are fine then, no, nothing. My RE agrees with this so I feel better. She did mention that those with Hashimoto's (antibodies) sometimes test positive for lupus anticoagulant. She has an accent and I did not realize what she had said then so I came home and researched it and found that it is true so I called yesterday to request that test as well. I go today for that. If this comes back negative then I will feel great about moving forward. And if it comes back positive at least we will know to treat it with blood thinners. So either way it is a good thing.

The other thing she tested was for vitamin D deficiency. My levels came back super low (common in those with thyroid issues) and I am on an RX of 50,000 IUs a week for 3 months. Once I learned this I of course turned to the world wide web and found some very interesting information from an RE about it. Doctors have only recently started testing Vit D and understanding the implications of being deficient and it's impact on our health.  And RE's even more recently started studying the links to infertility. This is a great article that everyone suffering from infertility should read. I have had 4 primary doctors, 1 endocrinologist and 4 RE's and this was the first time that I was ever tested. The research is still new but there is definitely something to consider. It has been linked pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes and a lower pregnancy rates with IVF and FET. This is what got my attention!

I will admit, I was shocked that my levels were low enough to warrant an RX. Then I started researching what foods actually contain vitamin D and there are very little. I do drink milk, but not daily.  Same with salmon. I love mushrooms and they have a ton. And I go outside 3-4 times a week and never wear sunscreen.  And I take a pre-natal. All of these are good things to do, but obviously not enough. And I thought that green, leafy veggies contained vitamin D but they do not. So it is not easy to consume a lot of vitamin D in our diets.

As of right now we are still going to proceed with our May cycle. I should start next week!!! We are still trying to have the yard sale. We have a ton of stuff, but it has rained the last 2 Saturdays and is supposed to rain this week as well. The following Saturday is a holiday weekend (not always good for sales) and the next one will be right before I travel. We are really hoping that this week will work out!


  1. I have Hashimoto's as well as Vitamin D deficiency (and PCOS), and I remember reading the research and thinking "it's no wonder I couldn't get pregnant!" It's amazing that you have to go to REs to get some basic medical knowledge; all of those things could be tested for (bloodwork wise- you'd need an u/s to check for cystic ovaries of course) by a GP or, at least, by an OB/GYN.

  2. So glad you got your D levels tested!

  3. Praying you find something out :)

  4. I have low vit d, take a supplement for it as well as thyroid medication. Good info to pass along! Hope the weather cooperated this weekend and you have a successful yard sale!!

  5. I had a Vit D deficiency too when I had post partum autoimmune Graves DIsease (hyperthyroidism). I still take 2000-4000IU a day. Good reminder : )
    Also, I, too, hope that this weekend is a go for your big yard sale! You are very lose to your goal!


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