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Monday, April 15, 2013

fatty is getting fit

In February I went to the doctor and they weighed me. Why do they do that?? Seriously, I know that I am fat. You reading those three large digits doesn't make me know it more. I are what I are and I are fat. But that all changes now! You see this fatty is getting fit! About 5 weeks ago the hubby and completely changed how we eat. We don't diets. They never work and all I do is end up crying everyday, dreaming of cheesecake and chocolate. Instead we made a lifestyle change. We have been eliminating processed foods from our diet, we no longer drink soda and limit coffee, our sugar consumption is waaaayyyy down and we upped our fruits and veggies. Especially veggies. We used to eat 1-2 servings a day and now we are between 5-7 a day. Huge change!!! And it feels great too!

During the last 2 months (5 weeks of which I changed my eating) I have lost 14 pounds! This is the most that I have lost on my own (pregnancy was good to me and I lost 30 lbs) in years. When I married my hubby I was smokin' hot and skinny. Okay, maybe not smoking, but not bad at all. Look, my boobs were bigger than my belly back then.

  photo 009_9.jpg

But now, not so much. Oh, I am still hot. ;-) But now I am a hot chubby chick. ;-) So now that I am on my way to losing weight it is time to start exercising too. We have a local church that has a gym that is free to use. It is really nice and I used to go before I had Maddie. Tonight I am attending an orientation and will start working out there again. Hopefully I can get back to my skinny self. Maybe then my daughter won't look at my wedding photo and ask who is kissing her daddy. LOL


  1. I need to eat more veggies too! Congrats on your weight loss and lifestyle change :)

  2. Sounds like you are off to an amazing start! Good for you!

  3. Great job! I'd love to eliminate processed foods. I bet you feel so much better!

  4. Jess, you are so gorgeous! I love the wedding pic! If you ever want to join me on myfitnesspal (Free app and website if you don't do apps), please comment on my blog (so I can easily find your e-mail address) and we'll link up there.

    MFP is where you input your food and exercise and it does all the figuring out for you. I don't do diets or calorie counting either, but MFP makes is SO easy that I find that I am really on track when I use it. I bet with the way you are eating now that you'd have no problem using it at all. It's fun to encourage each other.

  5. Awesome! The changes you made are great and it seems totally doable! Keep up the great work!


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