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Thursday, January 17, 2013

What a difference a day makes.

Two days I wrote about how I was a bit stressed over the travel arrangements and money for this cycle. The actual procedure working or not is not a concern (yet) but getting there and having the money needed for everything is enough to give me a migraine. I have always struggled with having enough faith when it comes to infertility and even more so with finances for it. Then last night God answered some prayers and I must share it!

The first is that I think that I have a place to say. There is a church in Jacksonville that has a prophet's chamber (apartment/room for missionaries and evangelists to stay in when visiting the church or passing through) that is checking to see if it is available that weekend. If it is, I can stay there. This would be a big blessing!! If it doesn't work out there are a few more for hubby to call. He is an evangelist so he has some connections.

The other is money. We have the money for the FET in our savings, but not a lot more. We really do not want to deplete our savings completely. So my first goal was $256 for Monday's ultrasound. We have some roof shingles leftover from recent repairs that needs to be returned and that is about $100. I have a change jar that I always toss change in and use it mad money. I took that to one of those change counter things and had $50 there, so just $100 more We could cover that with ourselves but wanted to try to raise it.

We love the show storage wars and they are always finding jewelry and saying they could get a few hundred for just a handful of things. So I thought hey, why not! I rarely wear jewelry (I like chunky costume pieces more than dainty gold chains) so I went through my jewelry box. I was surprised at the stuff I had held onto over the years, most of which I had not worn in 10+ years. I gathered it up along with a ring to return to my mom. My mom had a ring that had been a friend of hers but had passed away. Her friend, Jerry, was a great guy. He was like a dad to her and also a best friend. She met him after his wife of 30 years had passed away and he had all but given up on life. My mom was a newly single mom, struggling with the day to day yet always positive. She took him under her wing and helped him move on with his life. They remained friends for about 15 years when he died of cancer. Through the years Jerry had given her furniture and things that he and his wife had purchased but he thought she could use. After he passed she got a ring of his. It was gold and black onyx. My hubby is the only man in the family to wear a ring so she let him have it. It was heavy and bulky and hubby never wore it much and we forgot about it. When I found it I thought she would like to have it so I went to drop it off. She asked what I was doing and I told her and she offered me the ring. There was no way I was taking that ring in!! Not Jerry's ring! I insisted she keep it and she cried, missing Jerry. She loved that guy! She had another ring that was broken and gave me that for our baby fund but as I was leaving she turned and handed me the ring and refused to take it back. She said "IF Jerry were here he would give you the money for a baby. Family was everything to him. Things were just things." It took awhile for me to accept it but I finally did, calling her 3 times before I went through with it. And with his ring, her ring and several other pieces of broken jewelry I walked out of there with over $800! I was shocked! I could not believe how much it was worth. This is enough for everything over the cost of the transfer. I am humbled!

I could have shared all of this without the part of Jerry's ring, but I felt that I needed to honor him. I wanted to honor him. His ring was accounted for about a third of what I received but it meant more than the rest. To know that he played a part makes it feel like he is still here.


  1. What a wonderful gift! I am so glad things are coming together for you. Jerry would be thrilled with your quest to build your family and is smiling upon you. :)

  2. Wow! What a wonderful story of faith :)

    Godspeed in the coming weeks! Prayers!

  3. wONDERFUL NEWS! Happy for you!

  4. This has me tearing up. What a precious way to remember him.


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