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Monday, January 7, 2013

How do you prepare?

Before my first FET back in 2009 made sure to get myself as prepared as possible to give the embryos the best chance I could. I started walking every day (I was already going to the gym 2x a week), I cut out caffeine completely, I tool prenatal vitamins and an additional 4 folic acid as well, I was careful to take my thyroid meds every day (I am bad about this one) and changed my eating habits. I continued all but the exercise throughout my pregnancy (had bleeding and was restricted from too much activity) and I lost weight to boot.

Fast forward to this past year when we attempted our last FET. I was taking my thyroid meds 4 out of 7 days a week, I was guzzling soda, my eating was not good at all (but it was the holidays so it doesn't count, right??), no exercise, and just all around unhealthy. I knew that I needed to do better but I was so crazy busy I never got around to it. Now that the first cycle was canceled and we are gearing up to try again this month I am getting my butt in gear!

My biggest issue is caffeine consumption. I am a couponer and couponers cannot pass up a good deal. I'm sorry, but it's in my DNA do snatch up a good deal. And CVS has some good deal on soda. Really good deals! It didn't take long for me to start drinking several cans of Pepsi a day. Mmmmm, Pepsi! So delish! It got to the point that I was barely drinking any water. So I am on a mission to reduce my caffeine to one serving a day. The problem is not so much that I love Pepsi but that I get horrible migraines. And caffeine withdrawal migraines make you wish for death. Seriously, the first time I went through we went to the ER, certain I was dying from a brain tumor exploding inside my skull. So I have to do this gradually. I am cutting out soda and drinking either a coffee or tea instead. I will still have a small soda when out but never buy it for home now. Once I am passed the soda withdrawals I will try to cut out even the one cup of coffee as well, but I will have to use Excedrin for the first few days.

I have been doing this for about a week and so far, so good. Hubby even got a 2 liter of Pepsi yesterday (he rarely drinks soda so this was a surprise) and I had one 4 oz glass with my pizza. That was all. **pats self on back** And the majority of the bottle is sitting there and it is not even bothering me. And my water consumption is up to about 6 glasses a day! Go me!!!

My next goal is to take my vitamins and thyroid meds every day. Last week I took it 3 times and this week I am shooting for all 7 days. I don't know why I am bad about this, but I must do better!!! I want to give our little embies the best chance at sticking and in order for that to happen I have to do better. And I will!

So how do you/will you prepare? Anything you do different? Or are you just one of those already healthy people that always make me feel guilty? ;)


  1. I stopped drinking soda after christmas. Hubby likes to go to gas station every weekend and I used to get a refill with him. Cherry pepsi yum ans best for my menstrual migraines. Trying to eat better. I never eat a lot, but what I do eat is not always the best. Trying to eat more fruits and veggies. And started taking prenatal vitamens today. Wish i was a workout person. But who I am I kidding I am not walking in single digit temps. Maybe in the spring. Good luck with your FET
    - I am familyhopingtoadopt on bbc FYI

  2. Since we've been TTC for the last six years with only brief breaks, I feel like I've been preparing for treatments nearly 100% of the time! I avoid caffeine, take my vitamins, watch what I eat (to the extreme), avoid TTC-unfriendly medications, etc. The biggest area I need work in is exercise, but I keep getting derailed on that one and don't really make it a priority, unfortunately. I look forward to the day when I don't have to treat my body like someone else's potential home all the time!

  3. Doing my first DE/IVF cycle next month! I have cut down on drinking, and will quit about a week before the transfer. I am taking my vitamin. I am cutting caffeine to one coffee a day. I am trying to up the fruits and veggies - this is tough but important! I am very good at drinking H2O! My exercise is bipolar - from none some months to three times a week others. I need to get consistent! I should be cutting back on the junk - chips and ice cream especially - but I try not to beat myself up! Small changes are good too!

  4. I cut out caffeinated beverages. I was also a soda drinker. I still eat chocolate, so I can't say caffeine is completely out of my system.

  5. Coffee has way more caffiene than soda....soda only has about 30mg per can...coffee has like 100-200mg per cup. If you are going to cut out anything first...cut the coffee. But more important...if the soda is regular...cut it off purely because of the sugar. A diet high in sugar can cause blood sugar issues which can have an affect on hormones and.....implantation. My RE always has his patients go on a modified low glycemic index diet for the couple weeks leading up to and first few weeks/months after transfer. And...definitely keep up on the thyroid medicine....it can have a very big effect on implantation and early miscarriage. I'm very excited about your upcoming transfer...I hope it all goes well...you get a +hpt and then have a happy/healthy 9 months.


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