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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The actual transfer

I know that there are several people considering or are using FIRM and have wondered on how the actual procedure goes so I will post that here instead of sending it to people individually.

My transfer was on a Sunday so I did not see the RE that I had had the consult with nor did I see the donor embryo coordinator. My appointment was for 9:15am and I was told to go to the bathroom at 8:15 and begin drinking fluids until my bladder was full (I forget how many ounces I was supposed to drink). Once I signed in they called me back pretty quickly. I met with Dr. McCoy in his office and he gave me the report of the embryos. From there I went back to the waiting room briefly. The nurse called me back to the procedure room and I had to go alone. This was different for me as last time (different clinic) my hubby was able to go. I had a friend with me but she could not go along. They bring you to a room with 2 curtained areas and have you undress from the waist down and put on a gown, slipper socks and a hair net thingy. If there is someone ahead of you, you will wait there on a hospital bed. If not you go right back and get on the bed. There were no stirrups which was a pain. You have to scoot to the end of the bed but on a pillow so that you are elevated. You then just put your knees up and your feet rest on the metal part on the end of the bed. The RE will insert the speculum and catheter while the nurse does an abdominal u/s of your bladder. Mine was not full but he could see well enough to proceed.

Once everything is in place he lets the embryologist know that he is ready. She brings the embryos out and he inserts them and gives the catheter back to the embryologist. Once she determines that embryos are no longer in the tube he removes everything and covers you up. You are then wheeled out to the curtained area to wait 15 minutes. At that time you can empty your bladder then you lay down for another 15 minutes. Then you are finished!!

The whole process was painless though clinical. I did not see my RE and maybe it would have been a bit different, but the basic process would be the same. I did not get to see a pic of the embryos though that is not uncommon. I was happy with my experience and would return if needed. I did like my previous clinic better (more personal, less clinical) but all in all things went fine.


  1. Glad to hear that it went well. I am praying for your BFP! :)

  2. Glad you were happy with how everything went. I hope the wait goes quickly for you!

  3. Was his name really Dr. McCoy?

    I'm so glad it went well!

  4. Hmmm... I don't love that it was so impersonal, but I'm glad it went well. (My last clinic was super friendly; they had an attached spa and the transfer rooms were spa-like. And my husband could come back with me.).
    Oh we'll, the bottom line is that your lil' embryos are there and you're PUPO. Congrats!

  5. So glad it went smoothly!

  6. Glad things went well. The no stirrup thing must have been hard. I know at the nedc the hubby waits in the waiting room until they are done. Praying you see a BFP soon!

  7. Thanks for this update! Did you at least get a printout of the ultrasound?

    Also, my hubby wants to know if there's anything for him to do in the waiting area or nearby, since it sounds like we may be separated for even an hour!

    Do you know if there's any acupuncture office nearby?

  8. I am very glad everything went well! Looking forward to tomorrow's hpt results!


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