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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Holy Hormones, Batman!

This is my third go round of taking meds for a cycle but the first time I am a psycho nut case from them. I am only on Vivelle (estrogen patches) but sheesh, it is making me crazy. One minute I am fine, the next irritated at everything, the next all chill singing kumbaya. My poor hubby and daughter never know what to expect. And I can't stand being around myself half the time either. Unfortunately I can't get away from myself.

If all goes well I will be leaving a week from Friday. Most things are in place but there are still some things that I need to figure out. One is my mode of transportation. Because I have been planning on going alone I was going to fly but there may be a young lady from church that can go with me. We will drive and that will save me about $200-$300 which would be nice. The other big thing is the place to stay. I was going to stay at a place that a church has near the clinic but they have someone staying there now. I will have to be there 3 nights total and don't want to have that expense as well. Especially if I have to fly. So if you think about it please say a prayer that everything falls into place. I am getting anxious about this and my lining being thin enough. If it is canceled again I am not sure if we will try again.


  1. Thinking positive thoughts that everything will fall into place!!

  2. Praying for you!!!
    Stop thinking "now or never" - don't put that on yourself yet. Take 1 step at a time and IF your cycle is cancelled, reevaluate then. Don't add stress!!!!!


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