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Monday, January 30, 2012

Maybe a match!

Okay, so when I posted that we were starting to look for clinics I also had a plan. It was to compile a list of clinics that had ED programs along with their prices and approxomate wait times. I would place them all in a file to be brought out when we the house sold and we knew that the money would be coming in a month or two. Then we would contact the clinics and get started. That was my plan. God may have other ideas and I really don't know where this is all going to lead.

Here is what is going on. While searching for clinics I decided to log on to Miracles Waiting. I have an account there but took our profile off in 2009 when we decided to go with a local clinic. Back then I would email donors and rarely received a response. Many ads were either matched or old and outdated. I just thought that I would look over there and see if there was a huge increase in donor profiles or not. There wasn't. But that was okay because remember my plan that I mentioned? I wasn't looking for an open donation. Not that I wouldn't prefer an open donation but anonynous is easier, less expensive (sometimes) and that is what we did with Maddie. So MY plan was anonymous again. But curiousity brought me to MW and I read a few ads. Two were new ones and there was nothing about them that said "Oh, this is perfect" or "wow, their children look just like Maddie and would be a great match" or anything like that. But one kept drawing me and I felt prompted to respond. So I did and thought that I might get a response in a week or two telling me that they were no longer available. Instead I received an immediate response asking for more info. I did and then another email asking me to call on Monday.

The couple have already donated 2 embryos and the recipients live near me. The donor family live out of state but are planning a move near us. Kind of neat! So I will call her this afternoon. I have NO idea what may come of this. It is nowhere near what I was "planning" at all. The timing is wrong, it is not anonymous, and I just didn't plan" for it to happen like this. And it may not. But it might! So now we take it one step at a time and pray! So pray with us please!!!

PS: KellyL I need a link to your blog please! I saw your response to my last post but don't have a link to your blog. Thanks!


  1. Wow, this very exciting! :). For me I love the idea of known donation because then our children can make the connections if they need them. Wish I had used a known donor for Ant.

  2. http://www.surprisedbyhope.blogspot.com/2012/01/11-things.html

    :) So exciting!

  3. Wow! I pray that if this match is right for all of you, everything will go smoothly and you will get to bring these little ones home soon!


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