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Sunday, January 8, 2012


On a parenting board someone started a thread about what life was like before their kids were born. Everyone posted things like "I pooped in peace" or "I got to sleep in till 8 am" and the like. All nice things, I assure you. When I saw the title of the thread my first thoughts were so far from the ones that they posted. Because mine would have been so....sad....I decided not to respond to the thread at all. But if I had here is what I would have posted:

Life before Maddie was born:

* I cried myself to sleep at least one day a month, the day AF showed up.
* Babies made me sad.
* I would do everything possible to avoid the baby department at the store.
* I slept till 8 am because my house was silent.
* My life revolved around trying to get a baby instead of caring for one.
* I took long showers because they hid the tears.
* My stretch marks were from donuts.
* My life was full of love and laughter but there was something missing.

Reading the responses from the woman made me ever more grateful for the things they find annoying. I hate only getting 5 hours of sleep some nights, really I do. But I love waking up to her smile or her yelling "momma". Sure, I would like to poop in peace, who wouldn't? But an audience is the way to go! Sure, cleaning up a mess only to find 2 more waiting for you is a pain, but I am thankful for the little person making said messes. Because life before was not as fulfilling.


  1. This is beautifully said. I am still in this phase but when I get to the other side, there will be no complaints from me either. Can't wait to have an audience one day.

  2. Love this! So true!
    (Maybe you should post on that board so some of those women would get a reality check.)

  3. So so very true!!!! AMEN! And I think you should have posted not to make people sad/ feel sorry etc but to realize the AMAZING gift(s) they have been blessed with:)

  4. This breaks my heart...because I know too many people (including myself) who had this "before" and way too many still there. You could not have said this any better. I do agree that maybe you should post the other perspective to "before"....


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