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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

in the event of my death

Dying is not something that I care to think about. I am not scared of death as I have a place in heaven waiting for me, but I don't like to think about leaving my loved ones behind. It is worse now that Maddie is here. Just the thoughts of leaving her saddens me. But think about it I must. It is the adult and responsible thing to do. Hubby and I have been debating who to choose for Maddie's legal guardian and it has not been easy. His family is all older and most of his siblings have grandchildren so none of them are the best choice. My family is younger but they are not in church and that is important to us. After much prayer we have decided to on friends of ours and they are the perfect choice. It is a relief to have this done.

While talking to our friends about things they asked us what we wanted Maddie to know about her conception. This stopped me in my tracks. If I were to die now her story would die with me. Hubby knows it, but not like I do. He doesn't know all of the details. The thoughts of Maddie not knowing everything is not acceptable to me. She deserves to know how she came to be, how much she was wanted, and the details of her genetic family that we know. So now I will begin writing it all down. I am planning on printing out the relevant blog posts to make into a book for her as well as a letter and all of the details that I know of her genetic family. I want her to always know that she was wanted and loved. I want her to know my heart. My love. Getting it all in writing is the way to do this.

For other EA moms, do you have it in writing? Did you make a book? Anything that you have done that is special? I am always looking for ideas.


  1. DH and I have discussed this per the request of the adoption agency we used. We have decided that each year, I will turn my blog into a book for our children when they are of age. I will publish all posts in the book (any girls will want to know all and boys just won't care about the more TMI posts). I have started researching "blog to book" sites but have not yet decided on one to use. They are not too expensive and it seems like a very nice keepsake regardless what happens.

  2. We are making personal stories for both our kids using snap.fish photo books. We have pictures of the Drs who helped us, pictures of our embryos on transfer day...and all the other pictures of our pregnancy and their births. Within there, the story of how we conceived them will be revealed very personally for each child (our son thru traditional IVF and our daughter through EA).


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