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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Calling it quits!

My cloth diapering days are over. We have had a good run but it is time to say goodbye. I have been CDing about 75% of the time mainly because I have had trouble with night time leaks. And I use sposies when out and about. Maddie is a heavy wetter and needs changed often and I didn't have the patience to cart around a ton of stuff for just an hour or two of running errands. At home we mainly used cloth though. This past week I have used cloth almost exclusively because I ran out of sposies and wanted to try to switch to just cloth. I hate spending money on sposies, really I do! So I gave it the ole college try. And it broke me.

My main issues are leaks and ammonia. First, the leaks. Maddie has to be changed every 1-2 hours. I know that 2 hours is average, but less becomes very time consuming. If it went past 2 hours her clothing was completely soaked. And even when I changed her ever hour I would still find her clothes wet. I have tried Flips (which gave me about 2-2.5 hours) BG AIO, Kawaii pockets, prefolds and covers, adding hemp liners to all of the above, and a few other types of dipes. Nothing really worked. Maddie just pees all of the time!!! And I know that part of the reason for this is that she still takes a bottle. Yes, I know that she is too old. Yes, I know that I need to break her from it. Believe me, I have tried. Every time that I do something happens that makes it even more difficult (she had strep, then the flu, then I had the flu, then hubby was in the hospital, etc). Hubby being in the hospital really made it a lot worse. While she liked it before she became obsessed with it after that. It became her security blanket. But I digress.....back to diapers......

My other issue is ammonia. I have found that I can get rid of it, but not for long. And the way that I know that it has returned is by not only the smell, but by burns on Maddie's bottom. Usually there is just some redness, but this morning she has a blister. :( I feel awful! She went to bed at 7:30 last night (early for her) and woke up at 2 am ready for the day. I had hoped that she would go back to sleep so I kept everything quiet and didn't change her. She was so fussy and crabby and obviously not going back to sleep so I changed her diaper. Her bottom was so red and sore that she cried when I tried to wipe her off. I cleaned her off and lathered her up with coconut oil and used my last sposie on her. Today I will use the ammonia remover, strip and wash the diapers then I will list them on Craigslist.

I am sad to say goodbye to CDing. I gave up on breastfeeding and regretted it. Now I am giving up on cloth as well. I know that it really is no big deal and that I will be happier with sposies, but I feel like I am a failure. It is weird to feel this way. I think that it goes back to all of the ideals I had while pregnant. Even before that too. When it takes you a bagillion years to get pg you have a lot of time to dream about what kind of mom you are going to be, all of the things you want to do. Breastfeeding and CDing were things that I was so certain were right for us. I still think that breastfeeding was and had I not had a migraine for 8 weeks I probably would have stuck it out, but cloth is so not important. But as moms we want to be "perfect" and in my perfect world I used cloth. Silly, I know. But I will get over it!

So today I say goodbye to my cloth. I will miss the money it saved me and the cute fluffy butt it gave Maddie, but it is time. Bye bye fluff!!!


  1. Ever since I got a huge case of LUVS from Amazon so cheap I have not been using my cloth...I've always used them at night because Laura sleeps 12 hours straight.

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself. They're just diapers after all! I never had the desire or patience to try CD. My daughter is also a big wetter. We use Pampers and haven't had any leaks.

  3. Bummer they didn't work out, but don't beat yourself up about it - you do what you can! If its not too weird, I'd be interested in buying some diapers if you don't mind letting me know what you've got, and how much you'd like to sell them for. We have a variety already but can always use more!


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