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Monday, January 9, 2012

D Day

Diet day. Just saying those words makes me die a little inside. Why? Because diets and donuts don't mix. And I like donuts. And Pep.si. And Star.bucks. Anything Starb.ucks. They will have SB in heaven. Did you know that? I am sure that I read that in the Bible somewhere. But SB, donuts and soda will be leaving us today. We have said our goodbyes. They will take their friends fried foods, creamy pastas, and juicy burgers and go on an adventure. I instructed them to find some skinny chick that has trouble gaining weight and attach themselves to her hips. You're welcome.

Hubby and I decided before his brush with death to make 2012 the year we get healthy. To do this we must lose weight. Yes, I wanna be a skinny hot chick, but the journey there sucks! I don't care how many times you say it, carrot sticks are NOT delish! Unless they are smothered in butter with a dash of brown sugar. Now that's good eatin'! We have just begun and I have already started having the shakes. I am watching the cooking channels like it's porn.

I have cleaned out my cabinets and given away all of the yummy goodness. I mean unhealthy death in box. I have my meals planned for the week and healthy foods now grace the pantry. While this is not a fun venture it is a necessary one. Not only do we want more children but we want to live long enough to see them, and Maddie, grown. Thankfully both of us are quite healthy. For now. With us being overweight this could change at any given time. So we are going to do something about it. Not just talk about it, but do it. Diet. I just wish it had a prettier name....


  1. I'm easing into a gluten-free diet myself right now, and let me telly you, it's HARD to change your eating habits! Kudos to you and your hubby for doing this!

  2. Watch Forks Over Knives. :)

    I may get in trouble for this, but it certainly put me off Pepsi: Pepsi's in cahoots with a company that creates flavors ... that also happens to use embryonic stem cells. Many other big companies have distanced from the flavor company because of that, but Pepsi hasn't.

  3. GOOD for you and your husband! Maddie deserves this!!! You are all WORTH it!

  4. Right there with you! Our 3 year old son was just diagnosed with celiac disease so we are making the shift to be a gluten free family (and pretty sure since it is my family with the gene...I have it too)...so we are purging and changing so much and it is HARD!!!! However, prior to this, I have always been a huge wei.ght watc.hers fan. The new program is soooo awesome. I NEVER go hungry due to the unlimited fruit and veggie options that are free. AND...it really helps you understand the value of food. I know there is a cost involved with a program like this...but if you can swing it for just 6-12 weeks to get the routine and the program down...it is soooo easy to maintain because there are no gimmiks, no daily menus to follow and no food that you HAVE to eat (like frozen, pre-packaged items full of preservatives). I can totally cook for my family without having to make multiple meals...I just eat a smaller portion or add the salt/butter to the kids stuff after I take my portion. I encourage you to check it out. Good luck (oh...and on WW...you could totally have those grahams as long as you build it into your daily point allowance...hence the glory of this program...it teaches moderation).

  5. Girl me too! And as I just told my DH after he asked if my salad was good yes it was but not near as good as cheese fries would have been lol! But I have to lose some weight! And yes WW is a great plan our budget won't allow for that right this min but maybe in a few weeks. Oh and my preachers wife changed diet to Edit!


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